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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Simeon Sidenotes

SimeonWe have gotten asked a few times about how Simeon is doing in Ecuador and the adjustment from the States.  When we ask him how he likes Ecuador he says “doing good.”  That’s a good sign that he’s fairly comfortable …

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Ruthie Update


We thought we would give a quick update on Ruthie.  She has had 2 of her sisters with her since we came to Ecuador and a 3rd sister is planning on coming next week to help out with things.  Ruthie …

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Update on the Container Shipment

Shipping-Container-EcuadorYou all have probably been wondering what is happening with our container full of donations and its shipment to Ecuador!  Well, the answer is literally… NOTHING YET!  We don’t have anything to report as to a new arrangement that …

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The Process

Usually when you remember (for me, usually at the last minute) that you need to renew your license or your license plates or some other yearly type errand, you think to yourself, “Oh, that’s annoying,” and then you go to …

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Transition to the Familiar?

Yes, you read that correctly and although it sounds completely opposite, it explains pretty well where we are, oddly enough.  Our coming back to Ecuador on Tuesday, the days we scheduled after moving it back from February was maybe a …

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Livin the Crazy Life



We DO wish we could say we’re “livin'” the easy life” right now, but it seems to be quite the polar opposite of that.  We don’t want to be downers, but it has been a difficult few weeks and …

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Though I have tried to put together some thoughts for writing this blog, for some reason the words just haven’t come very easily.  Maybe it is because there hasn’t been a whole lot of time TO put any thoughts together.  …

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Update on Ruthie



Another update on Ruthie.  We got her home from the hospital in Mishawaka last night.  Everything went ok with that and her first night at home went pretty well also.  I think they both appreciate being back in the …

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Update on Ruthie



Thank you for all of your prayers for Joel’s mom, Ruth Delp. Yesterday, she was moved from the hospital in Chicago to an Acute Care Hospital in Mishawaka, IN, so she is much closer to home now, which …

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An altered response

change_mindI’ve noticed something recently… my response has changed.

During this year (or more!) of Home Assignment, we have been asked a lot of questions of what it’s like to be a missionary, what Ecuador is like, etc, etc, etc.   There …

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