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Update on the Container Shipment

Posted by on March 30, 2014

Shipping-Container-EcuadorYou all have probably been wondering what is happening with our container full of donations and its shipment to Ecuador!  Well, the answer is literally… NOTHING YET!  We don’t have anything to report as to a new arrangement that is setup so everything can be sent and received in Ecuador.  However, we do have very good news to report.  With the fact that our projects are going to be a part of F.A.C.E. (the social development branch of the Covenant Church of Ecuador) we SHOULD be able to send all of donations down and have them donated to F.A.C.E. since F.A.C.E. is registered as a nationally recognized (by the Ecuadorian government) as a legal non-profit organization that is registered in branch of the government called M.I.E.S. This is incredibly good news!!! It is a real answer to prayer and further evidence that God has brought us to Ecuador and has had this in His plans all along.  Now, we are just in the process of filling out all of the needed paperwork requested by the Import officials to receive approval for the shipment before it is sent… which that is another huge part of this whole dilemma.  If we would have sent our container full of donations down back in the beginning of March as was planned, it could have very likely gotten held up by Import Officials in the port of Guayaquil that while it is held up, we would have been charged $150 per day for storage.  Praise God that the container got stopped even before we sent it!  We will keep you updated as we receive more information.


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