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Vision Team

A Revision Trip

During the early days of October, we helped host a team of pastors and church leaders from the Covenant’s East Coast Conference on a first-ever-for-Ecuador “Revision Trip.”  A Revision Trip is a for pastors and lay leaders to visit on

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Thank you Canada!

Doing Partnership the Canadian way!  Our friends from the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada are back again this year and are doing partnership in Ecuador in a new way.  We came together with a Pastoral Interchange with pastors from Canada

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Indiana Wesleyan University Occupational Therapy Visit

As much as we have seen the Holy Spirit move and work among us, I think we still sometimes try to sell short, the work, the amazing work that the Spirit does.  Another recent example of this was a visit

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Goodbye Ceresco Covenant!

This past week Kim and Joel hosted a Vision Team from one of our supporting churches, Ceresco Covenant Church of Ceresco, NE.  Ceresco Cov has been one of our supporting churches since the beginning of our first term as missionaries

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