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Goodbye Ceresco Covenant!

Posted by on October 1, 2016

This past week Kim and Joel hosted a Vision Team from one of our supporting churches, Ceresco Covenant Church of Ceresco, NE.  Ceresco Cov has been one of our supporting churches since the beginning of our first term as missionaries in 2010.  We have talked for years about them coming down and those talks have finally formalized into the Vision Team that just left.  A Vision Team is a small group of representatives who come down from a church to investigate, learn, and get to know our ministries and ministry partners so they can take that information back with them to their congregation to see how they can help out in the future.  So, that is what we did this past week.  We made visits to our project in Cayambe, of course, but also to the Covenant Church offices in Quito, to the local church Primavera Alta in Quito as well as the churches and projects in Lote 3 and Lote 4.  In addition to all of these ministries, we also visited several tourist destinations so that they can see what fun opportunities they have with future mission trips.  Thank you Ceresco Covenant for coming to see us!!!

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