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Tagged With: The Amazon

Trip to Tarapoa

Earlier in the week, I (Joel) made a quick trip to the jungle town of Tarapoa.  Since I didn’t want to leave Kim without a car, I made the by bus.  It was a whirlwind trip leaving on Sunday night,

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God’s promises

I am not much of one who searches for “signs” from God in life’s circumstances and through nature, which could be to my fault, but God spoke to me through a “sign” yesterday.

Kim and I have been going through …

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Meeting on Saturday

Hello!  We just wanted to share a prayer request with you all.  You all know that Kim will be taking off early Saturday morning to fly to the States for another week of class in MN.  Well, Joel and Simeon …

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Upcoming (CRAZY!) Schedule

Here is our upcoming (CRAZY!) schedule and how you can be praying for us in the coming weeks:

  • April 9th-12 th = In the North District (Ibarra area) for the Field Study

  • April 10th = Meeting with the Leaders of

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Field Study: Amazon District

After Kim’s last HIV/AIDS workshop in Tena, we took advantage of the fact that we were in the Amazon to begin our Field Study by visiting churches in the Amazon District.  First off, the Amazon District is the “Conference” of …

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Upcoming Very Busy Schedule

Here’s our upcoming travel/ministry schedule:

Sunday, January 29th — Joel preaching at El Salvador, Quito

Wednesday,  February 1st — Travel to the Camp in Santo Domingo

Friday, February 3rd — Camp Committee Meeting & then travel Baeza (7 hours in …

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Tragedy Hits Ecuador Mission Field

On Thursday, August 4th, a tragedy struck the Ecuadorian Mission Field. A young man, by the name of Joshua Kim, of 21 years of age who was here visiting the Amazon region of Ecuador with his Presbyterian church from Orlando, …

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1st Trip to the Amazon!!!!

We just got back from the Amazon!  Pretty cool, eh?  We actually didn’t go in the deep just yet.  Mainly just on the edge.

We had the wonderful opportunity to go with our Spanish teacher, Olgita Burbano and her husband …

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