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Meeting on Saturday

Posted by on July 20, 2012

Hello!  We just wanted to share a prayer request with you all.  You all know that Kim will be taking off early Saturday morning to fly to the States for another week of class in MN.  Well, Joel and Simeon will be dropping her off at the airport at 4:30 a.m. and driving immediately out to the jungle.  It’s not the deep jungle, only about 2.5 hours to the jungle city of El Chaco.  There the leadership of IPEE will be meeting for their monthly meeting in a different part of the country.  Well, we have recently completed the report of our findings from the Field Study and compiled all of the information into a 43 page report which we presented to the leadership of IPEE.  They will be utilizing this information to make final decisions as to how our ministry will look and where it will be located.  We are hoping (don’t know for certain) that this report will be discussed this Saturday and Joel will be available to help with any questions or provide any input.  We know that they will be asking us what we think and where we want it to be but we are wanting the leadership of IPEE to make all of the final decisions so we will be asking them to make those critical decisions.  Joel will be attending the meeting anyways because he needs to be there as the President of the Campgrounds but we are hoping that this topic will be discussed and hopefully decided upon.

Please pray for us, the direction of the Center for At Risk Children and Medical Clinic and that God’s will be done.

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