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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Happy Halloween

It’s a pretty rare event for the kids to be able to celebrate Halloween here in Ecuador but we were able to this past Friday and we were able to do so with our friends and fellow ECC missionaries, the

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Pastor’s Retreat

This past week Joel and Simeon went to the bi-annual Covenant Pastor’s Retreat on the coastal city of Crucita.  Kim and the other kiddos didn’t go because we had a ministry event in Cayambe on the Sunday of the weekend.  

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Still Growing

This past week, we continued our work toward self-sustainability by planting more crops, including trees around our upper lot to protect the crops from the wind.

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What I would tell my 23 year old self…

I remember right before Joel and I got married, I was 23 and thought, of course, that I knew it all.  During bridal showers and other events leading up to our wedding, there were some people that were pretty negative …

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Serving Rumipamba

This past week we partnered with the Evangelical Covenant Church of Dassel, MN as well as the Covenant Church of Rumipamba, Ecuador to hold a free Medical Caravan for the community of Rumipamba.  Over 120 patients received a free medical

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A Visit from Covenant World Relief

This past week we had a visit from Covenant World Relief, the Relief and Development branch of the Evangelical Covenant Church.  CWR supports a FACE dairy project that is nearby our project in Cayambe, in the Covenant Kichwa communities of

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Offices Complete

Offices Complete! Thanks to the work of our partner church, Iglesia Emanuel, the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada and Church of the Good Shepherd we now have offices for the project as well as for the church and Compassion center.

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Goodbye Ceresco Covenant!

This past week Kim and Joel hosted a Vision Team from one of our supporting churches, Ceresco Covenant Church of Ceresco, NE.  Ceresco Cov has been one of our supporting churches since the beginning of our first term as missionaries

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A Visit from Cayambe’s Mayor

This past Wednesday we had the visit from Cayambe’s mayor, Guillermo Churuchumbi Lechon, to our Home for At Risk Children and the Medical Clinic. This was our initial meeting to see if the the local municipality of Cayambe can partner

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