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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Remember that ‘Vision Team’ that came down…?

It seems like a long time ago now since our friends and fellow visionaries left Ecuador.  Especially in blog life since we are usually pretty timely in getting our posts up regarding what is going on in our lives.  Some

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Off to Santo Domingo

Tomorrow we leave on what is our last trip to Santo Domingo.  This will be  a tough trip as it will be our first round of saying goodbyes and it will be some of our toughest.  The Rocha family have

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A Camp Praise

We just want to thank you for your prayers for the campgrounds!  We have been able to purchase a truck for the camp’s ministry use.  This has been a long time prayer request and concern for the camp.  Basically since

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God’s Promises-A Reflection from Kim



It’s hard to know where to begin when starting to get the word out about our last week.  As I’m sure you all remember, we had a Vision Team from the States come made up of our board

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Vision Teams/Board of Directors/Friends Coming…YEAH!


We have a busy few days coming up, but we are super, SUPER excited about it.  Today (Friday) and tomorrow the whole Rocha family from our camp in Santo Domingo will be coming to visit and staying with us.  

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Learning Lessons from Simeon…






Yesterday, after Simeon had gotten dirty after playing, I was washing his feet in the sink and all of the sudden was humbled at the sight I saw.  I was washing his little feet in

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