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Vision Teams/Board of Directors/Friends Coming…YEAH!

Posted by on September 7, 2012

The sign entering Otavalo close to where the future center and clinic will be

The majority of the Rocha family and Joel's family during our visit to the camp in June


We have a busy few days coming up, but we are super, SUPER excited about it.  Today (Friday) and tomorrow the whole Rocha family from our camp in Santo Domingo will be coming to visit and staying with us.  Joel and Ruben will be working to try and find a truck for the family to use at the camp since they are currently using their personal vehicle for all the work and travel for the camp.  We are excited that they are coming here and staying with us.  We hope we can make them feel as welcome here as they always make us feel at the camp!

On Sunday evening, the first members of our Vision team of our board of directors will be coming down to visit.  If you remember, after the decision was made by the Covenant Church of Ecuador where the future center for at-risk children and medical clinic would be, we wanted members and friends of our board of directors to come down and visit.  The team will be here from September 9-16.  It will be a week of dreaming and visioning together and listening to the Holy Spirit’s leading for the future.  This is also a great chance for the board members to see what role they will play in the future ministry here in Ecuador.  As most of you know, this dream has been with us for over 10 years now so to be at this point is really exciting for us!

As partners in prayer with us, will you commit to praying during this next week?  Please pray for each individual coming. If you want to pray for them by name, here are their names.

Pastor Paul Thompson (our pastor from our home church, Northwest Covenant)

Jeff Lundblad (friend from Northwest, works in IT at North Park University)

Kristi Lundblad (friend from Northwest, Pediatrician in the Chicagoland area)

Janae Stevens (friend from Coshocton, OH, mommy extraordinaire, passionate about helping kids )

Zach Stevens (friend from Coshocton, OH, contractor, passionate about helping kids)

Tim Eberhard (friend from Coshocton, OH, contractor

Angie Eberhard (friend from Coshocton, OH, money specialist, mommy extraordinaire, passionate about kids)

Joel, Kim and Simeon Delp

This is just a little glimpse of them and we will share more about them at a later time.  Please pray that we will be lead by the Holy Spirit and what he has for us in relation to helping kids in Ecuador.

Please pray also for safety in travel, safety experiencing Ecuador, and safety from getting sick.  We have already experienced spiritual warfare which means we are moving in the right direction, right?!

We covet your prayers and we can’t tell you how excited we are!

Blessings and love from Ecuador!

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