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Updated Ministry Calendar

God has put together some more church visits for us and here’s our updated ministry calendar!  If we are going to be in your area, please feel free to come and be a part of one of our opportunities to …

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Field Study: Amazon District

After Kim’s last HIV/AIDS workshop in Tena, we took advantage of the fact that we were in the Amazon to begin our Field Study by visiting churches in the Amazon District.  First off, the Amazon District is the “Conference” of …

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Upcoming Very Busy Schedule

Here’s our upcoming travel/ministry schedule:

Sunday, January 29th — Joel preaching at El Salvador, Quito

Wednesday,  February 1st — Travel to the Camp in Santo Domingo

Friday, February 3rd — Camp Committee Meeting & then travel Baeza (7 hours in …

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Banos, Shell & Puyo

Happy New Year everyone!

We decided that since we didn’t go to visit family in the States and no one was coming here over the Holidays  that we would take a mini family vacation right after the New Year before …

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Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 looked quite different from last year.  This was our first Christmas in Ecuador without family or friends around which was difficult, probably more so for me (Kim).  I really enjoy the changes in seasons, snow, Christmas lights, Starbucks …

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Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings…

Well, we got back safely from our most recent trip to Santo Domingo later on Wednesday.  It was a good and productive trip for Joel and his work at the camp.  Kim and Simeon enjoyed themselves also besides the moment …

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Christmas Newsletter Available for Download

 Christmas Newsletter

Our Christmas newsletter is available for download (Just click the link above!).  You can see what has been happening with us in our first six months in Ecuador.   Also, please note the address for Covenant World …

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A new Delp Christmas Tradition


We have a tradition in our house to spend a day out which includes getting a Christmas tree, getting good coffee, a good breakfast, and then decorating for Christmas.  Last year, and other years past we would spend A LOT …

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