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Field Study: Amazon District

Posted by on April 4, 2012

After Kim’s last HIV/AIDS workshop in Tena, we took advantage of the fact that we were in the Amazon to begin our Field Study by visiting churches in the Amazon District.  First off, the Amazon District is the “Conference” of Covenant Churches that can be found in the Amazonian (“jungle”) region of the country.  There are around 10 in that area in total.  Second of all, if you remember, the Field Study is where we are going to be visiting all of the churches that have ministries with children to see if there will be a good place for our future ministries of a Center for At Risk Children and a Medical Clinic to fit in.  The idea is that we don’t have to recreate the wheel if we can find a place that would just be a new extension of a current ministry, rather than starting everything from scratch.  So, we’ll basically be going through this process of visiting all 6 districts (or “conferences”) of Covenant Churches and their ministries with children.  So, the Amazon District was our first.

Things started off well the first day by having a meeting with the president and coordinator of the district as well as several key representatives of churches and ministries found throughout the district.  As well as we had invited the Director of FACE to have a FACE representative on hand.  We had a meeting of over an hour and a half and talked about all of the ministries with children in the district as well as we planned out the rest of our time there.

The picture above is from the Scouts in the jungle town of Baeza.  I had hear about the Scouting ministry in Ecuador but this was my first opportunity to be a part of it.  The Scouts in Ecuador are a combination of the Scouts as we know and the ministries of the church.  It’s basically the Scouts with God and the church added in.  It was really neat to see and experience this first hand as it is a great ministry that they have in Baeza.

Please pray a lot as we go through this process of the Field Study.  We just want God to lead and for Him to open and close doors where he sees fit.

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