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A new Delp Christmas Tradition

Posted by on November 28, 2010


We have a tradition in our house to spend a day out which includes getting a Christmas tree, getting good coffee, a good breakfast, and then decorating for Christmas.  Last year, and other years past we would spend A LOT of time picking “the perfect tree” that would help bring Christmas to our house or apartment.  Last year we probably spent 1 or 2 hours picking our tree in the snow.  This year was different.  We heard there were real trees here in Ecuador for purchase, but we figured they would be really expensive.  Today we were on our way to do some Christmas shopping at the artesan market and saw a place that was selling trees.  We decided to ask how much they were from the window.  Within 3 minutes, we had a tree tied to the top of our car with a wooden “tree stand” to put it in.  All for about $14! (Labor included!)  It was quite a change from the hour or 2 last year!  There was no turning the tree to see all angles and imaging it in our house, there was no smelling it or feeling it to see what it was like.  When she told us the price and we said OK, that’s all it took!  It was an interesting experience.  We decided we bought our tree through the “drive thru” today!  Since we are all about traditions, today started a new one in the Delp household in Ecuador!  Here are a few pics from the day.  Simeon likes the tree, probably the lights and sparkles of the bulbs, maybe the smell too!

Blessings on YOU and your family in this day as your create or continue YOUR traditions…

Delp Family Christmas tree 2010

Simeon and the tree right after decorating

Simeon's view of the Christmas tree

Simeon smelling the tree

Simeon likes the tree

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