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Livin the Crazy Life

Posted by on March 15, 2014



We DO wish we could say we’re “livin'” the easy life” right now, but it seems to be quite the polar opposite of that.  We don’t want to be downers, but it has been a difficult few weeks and it seems to be continuing into these last few days.  Last week, the day before we were going to start packing our container to send down to Ecuador, we found out the company that was going to ship it, refused to do so.  We eventually found out the likely reason is there is currently a ban on sending containers into Ecuador that are ‘donations’; something the company we were working with did not know about previously and still isn’t very clear at this moment.  Joel has been frantically trying to figure out other options to get the container into Ecuador.  We are scheduled at this time to leave for Ecuador March 18th, just 3 days away!  This is quite a short time to get so many things arranged for sure!  Yesterday, we also needed to take Joel’s mom, Ruth, to the hospital due to a fever.  She was admitted for an early respiratory infection and has been on antibiotics and breathing treatments.  She is still in the hospital, but hopefully will be discharged soon.

We definitely don’t mean for this to be a pity party for Joel and Kim.  That being said, we are discouraged.   Even simple things, like misplacing a check book today was a minor catastrophe a midst everything else we are working through.

We just can’t say how much we need your prayers.  We do feel heavy burdens as we prepare to leave and in making decisions in that direction.  We know our call, we know our God is SO much bigger than these things and we are truly seeking Him with open hands to show us our next steps.   Please continue to pray with us.

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