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Delp Family Ecuador Bucket List

Posted by on October 31, 2023

Over the years, we, the Delp Family, have created a Delp Family Ecuador Bucket List.  A list of things that we want to make sure we accomplish here in Ecuador.  This has been a significant list as there are so many wonderful things to do an places to see.

Recently, we decided that we needed to get a move on with our Bucket List.  We decided that we are never really going to have the time nor have the money but we, as a family, wanted to accomplish these goals, so if it takes dipping into savings a little bit and figuring out extra time that we never seem to have, we decided to move forward on our Bucket List.  For the most part, we are able to accomplish these trips/excursions on the weekends and holidays so we aren’t having to figure out vaction days or missed days of school.

Our first Ecuador Bucket List trip occurred in September when we, as a family, visited the Hotel Dann Carlton Quito.  To explain, over the years, Kim and I have had a tradition of doing our “get aways” pretty close to home without the kids.  The idea has always been that we don’t need to travel far (in case the kids need us and we need to come back) but that we can slip away for the weekend to spend quality time as a family right near by.  So, you may think it odd that we went to a hotel in our hometown of Quito, Ecuador but that is exactly what we did.  Kim and I over the years have stayed in reasonably price nice hotels in Quito as a way to get a way as a couple.  The kids have always been jealous of these excursions and have always said, “One day you need to take us with you;” thus, the bucket list item was created.

So for our first Delp Family Ecuador Bucket List trip, we just went 15 minutes away to stay a night at the Hotel Dann Carlton Quito, a great deal that we got for only $80.  But the kids didn’t care about what a great deal it was because all they saw was the beautiful hotel they got to stay in.

Here are some pictures from our family date weekend at the Hotel Dann Carlton which included a family date night, a trip to the tea room, time in the pool, a family walk in the park as well as other adventures.

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