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Monthly Archives: July 2015



We had a visitor come from the Seattle area this past week.  Emily Davidson, one of our Santiago Partnership board members was able to come down and visit!  What a pleasure it was to finally meet her in person as …

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Accidents Happen…

20150717_201309 20150722_082327 20150722_082334

Accidents do in fact happen, we all know it.  Unfortunately, it’s never fun when they happen.  Joel was involved in an accident this week on the way to pick up friends who were going see the ministries in Cayambe.  He …

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Small Victories…

License Plate 2-1

A license plate…it seems pretty simple huh?  In the States, getting your license plates is a very simple process that takes 1, maybe 2 weeks right?  Well, the process has proven to be a little longer here, about 15 months!  …

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It’s that time of year… VBS time!!!


Summertime always brings a multitude of excitement…warm weather, walks, vacations, family reunions, pool time and VBS for a lot of churches.  We just had VBS at one of the churches here in Quito and it was so much fun.  …

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Continue to pray for permits…

This may seem like a very simple picture, but it represents a lot for the clinic in Cayambe.  This is an official permit that is currently up in the clinic.  Please continue to pray.  We are only lacking 1 permit …

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Volunteer Tourist Week

We took two of our summer volunteers on a week adventure to see the beauty of Ecuador.  Here are some pictures from our time:

11018769_10153082022391028_1783992826958098524_o 11059879_10153082022631028_7241436262322761967_o 11144426_10153082022931028_97903244123826166_o 11169217_10153082012596028_5228868341393552715_n 11221796_10153082021911028_1010408093103937974_o 11232359_10153082012726028_1312181286565701710_n 11403061_10153082013141028_8701694042089484854_n 11695903_10153082012226028_4163513519938838328_n 11695926_10153082013651028_1659999412550940059_n 11705219_10153082012071028_5612949617337517281_n 11705583_10153082022106028_43596095492651315_o 11707962_10153082022221028_8951810575556325080_o 11708036_10153082022321028_5539625620327555617_o 11709974_10153082022266028_7324216553196445487_o 11717442_10153082022086028_158836552674995579_o 11729008_10153082022586028_6943622058399011613_o 11737916_10153082012456028_3853142781110352463_n 11741092_10153082022281028_45813633227430297_o 11745540_10153082014106028_6967436091270089177_n 11751784_10153082012961028_4335038793019564817_n 11752523_10153082013066028_475666126053492266_n 11753661_10153082013316028_5984097245262984672_n 11755442_10153082012136028_5771928585219680893_n 11760131_10153082014351028_1657295855029122995_n

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Pictures of Disaster Relief in Oyacachi

Pictures of disaster relief and pastoral care in Oyacachi. It has been amazing to see how the see the response by our Christian brothers and sisters in the surrounding area Covenant churches. If you would like to support their efforts, …

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