Thank you Tara!

This past week we had a visit from a friend and Santiago Partnership Board member, Tara Euler.  She had said last year when she came down to volunteer that if we ever wanted her to come down and visit for a week and help with the kids and around the house.  So, we took her up on her offer and so she came down this past week.  It was such a blessing to have her with us as she helped Kim with a medical caravan as well as took care of all of us around the house.  Tara has the gift of photography so below are some of the pictures that she shot this past week.  Muchas, muchas gracias Tara!!!

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A New President is elected

A week ago, Simeon and I (Joel) traveled to the Covenant Campgrounds in Santo Domingo in order to attend IPEE’s (The Covenant Church of Ecuador) Annual Meeting.  This is the season of elections and so this is the case with IPEE as well.  President Henry Burbano has completed his second term in office (5 years in total) and so the presidency was changing hands.  The new President was elected and his name is Pastor Franklin Reira, pastor of Betel Covenant Church in Ibarra, Ecuador.  We also had 130 students graduate from our Seminary’s Certificate Program as well 3 pastors were ordained.  It was an exciting time for all of us, especially Simeon as you can see he got to play in a boat in the river as well he and I went camping in a tent for the weekend while we were there.  That was Simeon’s first time camping outside.  Please be praying for President Franklin and IPEE’s new leadership as they transition into their new positions and guide our denomination.


This year’s theme was “Strengthening the nets on our knees before Jesus”


We had the most people at the Annual Meeting that I had ever seen, 220


Leaving President Henry Burbano addressing the assembly


The voting taking place for the new President


Simeon having fun in a boat on the river with friends


Leaving President Henry Burbano commissioning the new leadership team of IPEE


Pastor Henry praying for the new president, Franklin Reira


Our friend and fellow long-term missionary, Cheryll Clark, with Breck Hoskins and the Restrepos


Erik Amundsens giving the kids a tour of the plants on the campground property


President Franklin praying for the new ordinands

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Restrepos pay us a visit

A little over a week ago, we received a visit from our “bosses,” Pia & Eugenio Restrepo, from the Covenant Offices in Chicago.  They are the Latin American and Carribean Regional Coordinators for the Evangelical Covenant Church and thus they are our superiors.  However, they are more our friends and partners in ministry and for this reason, we were so excited to have them come see our project, meet with our ministry partners and learn about the needs that we have as a project.  They hope to help us in promoting our project to volunteers and groups that would like to assist in medical caravans and other ways to support the ministry of the medical clinic and home for at risk children.  See the pictures from our time together.


Our friends and Regional Coordinators, Eugenio and Pia Restrepo, with Dr. Abimeal

Boys Bunk_Beds Clinic Crops Erik FullSizeRender Gustavo Home_Tour IMG_0608 IMG_0609 IMG_0619 IMG_0624 IMG_0631 IMG_0635 Joel Kichwa_sign Kim Medicines Office

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Santiago Partnership 2016 Year in Review

We will provide a year in review of what all transpired in 2016 through pictures.  Each picture can be clicked on to follow the link to read about it.  Thank you for all of your support in 2016!!!


























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Christmas Fun

It was a little sad for us that we could not be in the States this year for Christmas to be with family and enjoy snow and the fun Christmas traditions we have up there.  We did make the most of it and we had a very full December with many Christmas activities for the kids as well as some we created on our own.  Enjoy the pictures!


Wearing Christmas pajamas to school


Esther was a reindeer in her Christmas program.


Our church’s ladies choir sang Christmas carols on Christmas day.


Simeon was an angel in our church’s Christmas drama.


Christmas cookie making fun.


Simeon’s school Christmas program.


Post school Christmas program sillyness.


Simeon’s soccer team had a big end-of-year soccer tournament.


We got a surprise delivery of pizza from Santa.

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Christmas Party

A couple of days before Christmas, the Santiago Partnership team members had a party to celebrate Christmas and the Year End as well as thank all of our employees for their hard work this past year.  It was a lot of fun as Kim headed up the cooking as we did it Thanksgiving style with turkeys, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy… oh and guinea pig too of course!  We had fun with games with prizes for the kids (and kids at heart!), toasted to a new year and ate some delicious food.  Good times!

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IWU Nursing Team

We are committed to education in Ecuador. This past week we hosted a team of nursing students from Indiana Wesleyan University, the first group of nursing students to visit and work with our project. They were a fabulous team that were very excited about teaching and helping in Ecuador. The team first visited the project in Juan Montalvo and did educational workshops on bacterias and virus, hand washing, tooth brushing and women’s health with the help of donated kits from Days for Girls. They also worked at different extension projects in Cayambe as well as in 4 Lote, a small Kichwa community. We are so excited about this first (of hopefully many) nursing teams. Thanks ladies for a great week! You did a fantastic job! Thank you for partnering with us!

_dsc_3723 dsc_3695 dsc_3696 dsc_3698 dsc_3699 dsc_3704 dsc_3708 dsc_3716 dsc_3726 dsc_3728 dsc_3735 dsc_3736 dsc_3744 dsc_3746 dsc_3750 dsc_3752 dsc_3758 dsc_3761 dsc_3762 dsc_3765 dsc_3768 dsc_3770 dsc_3772 dsc_3774 dsc_3775 dsc_3779 dsc_3782 dsc_3784 dsc_3788 dsc_3793 dsc_3794 dsc_3798 dsc_3800 dsc_3801 dsc_3803 dsc_3804 dsc_3808 dsc_3809 dsc_3812

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Serving the Community

Our Medical Clinic in Cayambe serving the community. Yesterday, we held a training event free of cost and open and available for anyone who was interested. We covered first aid, emergency prevention and some basics of the treatment and prevention of the flu. Everyone left very satisfied from what they had learned.

_img-20161210-wa0018 img-20161210-wa0007 img-20161210-wa0008 img-20161210-wa0009 img-20161210-wa0010 img-20161210-wa0017 img-20161210-wa0019 img-20161210-wa0021 img-20161210-wa0023 img-20161210-wa0024 zimg-20161210-wa0005

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Our Thanksgiving Festivities

Yesterday, we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of the Ecuadorian missionary friends.  It was a lot of fun and delicious!

_dsc_3623 dsc_3616 dsc_3617 dsc_3618 dsc_3619 dsc_3620 dsc_3621


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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Delps and the Santiago Partnership!!! May you have a blessed Thanksgiving from our crazy family to yours!

Esther was having a bad hair day and a new and upcoming videographer was doing the filming but we wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving nonetheless.

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