Goodbye Jonathan!

We want to celebrate the life of our friend Jonathan Swanson of Duluth, MN who recently passed away and whose memorial contributions have been donated to the Santiago Partnership.  Joel was able to attend Jonathan’s funeral in Duluth while we were in the States recently.

Jonathan was a servant of the Lord, first and foremost, attending seminary with Joel and serving churches in the U.S., Japan and Sweden before coming to Ecuador to further pursue his call to ministry.  He lived with us in Ecuador during the years of 2011 and 2012 before we moved back to the States for Home Assignment.

Jonathan will be remembered for being such a kind and caring man with an amazing gift for connecting with others one-on-one and for his hilariously dry sense of humor.  Jonathan’s cerebral intellect and deep sensitivity provided an incredible ability to see the beauty in things or see God in things where others did not or had not yet seen. Whenever we take new friends on the whale watching tour, because of his observation, we always suggest to others to not try to take pictures or videos of the whale but to rather just take in and enjoy the moment.

He will be missed by so many.  His memorial contribution will continue the work of the Santiago Partnership in serving the less fortunate, as we know he would have wished.  Goodbye Jonathan!  We will miss you so much!_joel-and-henry 13882678_10208807347153986_8947968581291457874_n 13924943_10208807338833778_1588688770706530252_n 13925281_10208784141333855_3035273092450937922_n


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Gracias Rolando!

Yesterday, the Board of FACE (the Development arm of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Ecuador) got together for a day of fellowship and an opportunity to say “GRACIAS!” to our Project Coordinator Rolando Escola.  We were thanking him for his time of service as the president and leader of FACE for almost 5 years as he is now transitioning from that position to be our full-time Project Coordinator on our project.  During his time as president, we have seen FACE make many important changes and improvements, including what we selfishly feel has been the best one in starting our project to open a medical clinic and home for at risk children in Cayambe.  Without Rolando’s sound and visionary leadership, we don’t think this would have been possible.  During our time here in Ecuador, we have seen Rolando as one of the hardest working men we know and so now we are blessed to have him as the full-time leader of our project.  Gracias Rolando!

dsc_3503 dsc_3506 dsc_3509 dsc_3510 dsc_3512 dsc_3514 dsc_3517 dsc_3518

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Time in the States

We just got back and are still recovering from a whirlwind trip to the States.  To explain, we had planned to go to the States over the Holidays (Christmas and New Year) this year but had discovered over the course of the year that it wasn’t going to work because we will be having a team coming in December.  We still wanted to go sometime this year because we didn’t go over last year’s holidays and we wanted to visit before Ephraim turned two and we had to pay for his ticket.  It’s important for us to be able to spend time with family and friends in the States.  We were able to figure out a three week period in August before Simeon was going to start school again that we could visit so that is what we did.  It was a whirlwind trip as we landed in Chicago, went immediately to Goshen, IN for a week, then spent four days in Dallas with Joel’s older brother, then came back Hartford City, IN to spend time with Kim’s family for a week and then on to Chicago for four days to finish out our time before going back to Ecuador.  During this time, we did visit three of our supporting churches, had a special Delp Dinner Night for supporters as well as visited with many family and friends who support our ministry.  However, other than that, our time was dedicated to being with family and friends.  Unfortunately, we did have some difficult times while there.  Soon after arriving, Joel went up to northern Minnnesota to attend a funeral for a close and long-time friend.  We also had an emergency visit to the hospital after Ephraim fell down a flight of stairs.  Thankfully they were carpeted as he got pretty banged up but was not seriously injured in any way.  Finally, Kim, Joel and Ephraim all had to take shelter in a Walmart when a tornado touched down only several miles away.  Besides these difficult and stressful moments, we had a wonderful time.  Some of the highlights were celebrating Ephraim’s birthday two times (with both families), going to a great Aquarium in Dallas with Joel’s brother Eric’s family and being able to attend and be a part of the final service for our friend Paul Thompson, as he is leaving our home church Northwest Covenant in Mt. Prospect.


Fun times with cousins in Goshen, IN


A visit from friends from our supporting church in Oregon, OH


Fun times with our friends from Ecuador who are now in Chicago. Photo credit to Simeon.


Cousins took Esther and Ephraim to Build-A-Bear.


Lots of traveling made the boys tired.


Ephraim’s first birthday party in Goshen. His nose is the remaining damage from his fall down the stairs.

1_6891932966_n 1DSC_3472 1DSC_3479 1DSC_3487 1DSC_3489 1DSC_3490 1DSC_3492 1DSC_3497_

Excited kids to have daddy home from the travel to the funeral in Minnesota.


Meeting Pastor Andrew Morrell and seeing his church plant in Marion, IN

4_56610_n 4_4298429 4_4782492 4_7688009_n 4_8241935_n


Crazy photos with family in Dallas, TX

4_47289429 4_48248290 4_7834982482942993 5_1_3939380_ 5_3890_n 5_1406389 5_4202678_1n


Ephraim’s second birthday party in Hartford City, IN



Good times with family in Hartford City, IN

5_8902904_n 5_842048290n 5_842979842 5_58005677907_n 5DSC_3494 6_4789242 8image1 8image2 8image3


Sharing about Ecuador at the Delp Dinner Night



And then being prayed for.


Paul and Mary Thompson sharing during their final service at Northwest Covenant Church in Mt. Prospect, IL

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Thank you Pleasant Community!!!


This past week we had the pleasure of having a team back from Pleasant Community Church of Warren, PA. They helped this week on construction working on the offices for the project as well as helping our partner church, Iglesia Emanuel, with the construction of a soccer field. Thank you so much Pleasant Community!

_DSC_3438 DSC_3362 DSC_3365 DSC_3366 DSC_3370 DSC_3371 DSC_3376 DSC_3379 DSC_3382 DSC_3384 DSC_3385 DSC_3391 DSC_3393 DSC_3397 DSC_3400 DSC_3401 DSC_3402 DSC_3405 DSC_3407 DSC_3410 DSC_3411 DSC_3416 DSC_3418 DSC_3419 DSC_3423 DSC_3424 DSC_3425 DSC_3431 DSC_3437 DSC_3445 DSC_3448 DSC_3449 DSC_3450 DSC_3452 DSC_3453 DSC_3458 DSC_3463 DSC_3465 DSC_3466 DSC_3469 DSC_3470 DSC_3471

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The Truth Hurts

Lecrae Family


For the past few weeks as I have watched news, read Facebook posts, read articles, my heart just hurts.  I haven’t purposefully been silent on these issues of race and my response to it, I just had so many thoughts going through my head that I wasn’t sure what to say, how to say it or how it would be received.  I guess the bottom line is it shouldn’t matter.  I need to speak up because the things I am hearing, it just makes my heart hurt.  Being silent is sometimes worse I think than saying something that might offend someone.  Please know that the things I wrote are basically my journey of understanding racial issues and the continuous journey I am on.

I grew up in a white middle class area in Indiana.  It’s a college town so it was slightly divided between “town” people and the “university” folks.  Growing up in my school, there was one Asian family and in high school one mixed African American.  The town next to mine had the last lynching in a Northern state in 1930 after an angry mob pulled out 3 young African American men from jail and hung 2 of them in the town square, leaving their bodies on display for the town.  Just recently I read more about this because to me it was just a story I had heard throughout the years.  I read articles and looked at the picture that was taken by a local reporter where the 2 bodies hung with onlookers watching and pointing.  Their faces seemed to almost show pride and some were even smiling.  As I looked at this picture, I was nauseated.  I began to see why a lot of Marion residents never really talked about this.  This was just pure evil at the hands of neighbors.  It was nauseating.  There was a third man who escaped this angry mob and this is what he wrote and he walked away from the tree where his friends hung…

“Slowly, painfully, I started limping back towards the jail, dragging myself as best I could. Each step was a prayer and each prayer was a ‘thank you, Jesus!’ No one touched me on the way. No one called out any angry epithets. I looked into the faces as I limped along. They were tired, serious faces now, with shame in their eyes.”

The Klan was very active in Indiana during the above lynching which is sad of course, but even worse is the fact that prior to the Klan coming, this area of Indiana had a  strong history of abolitionism and activity on the underground railroad, but during reconstruction after the Civil War,  that history was virtually forgotten with the rise of the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana.

A few towns over from where I grew up was said to be a hot spot for the Ku Klux Klan, even in recent years.  I had a professor friend who was African American who drove through that town and stopped to get gas, he was asked to leave because he couldn’t get gas in that town (THIS WAS IN 2000!).

The town over from where I grew up, that had the last lynching was a prime example (a bad one) of segregation.  The African Americans lived in the south of town and the whites lived in the North of town, it is pretty much still like that today.

I had someone close to me tell me once that affirmative action was one of the worst things that could have happened for me.  That it took a lot away from me.  (It wasn’t until later that I realized how awful those words were!)

I felt when I was growing up that I had a normal childhood.  I learned what I should in school.  I experienced what I should to be an up standing citizen and I even had the opportunity to travel the world as a kid and teenager to get a well rounded world-view and see that the whole world, MOST of the world around me does not live like I do.  I was good, right?

When Joel and I got married in 2002, we immediately moved to Chicago.  One of the best things we have done, seriously, in our lives.  We soon found ourselves and our ideas, theology, etc being turned upside down.  I began working at University of Chicago, the majority of people I worked with were minorities, mainly African American. I learned SO much from them in both nursing, but more importantly life lessons.  The created an environment for me where I was able to ask questions, honest and open questions about their lives, stories and journeys that showed me how very different their lives were than mine.  It was also during this time that Joel took a class called Sankofa.  This is a group of  individuals from various backgrounds that come together to explore the theological, political, and cultural dimensions of racial reconciliation and human wholeness.  You can learn more about Sankofa here: Sankofa  During this class, Joel would come home and we would discuss what he was learning and experiencing.  I distinctly remember when he came home and said “we are privileged.”  No exclamation point, just that, PERIOD!  I am not proud of what my response was at that point, but I remember this lead to quite a discussion and thus began a new understanding of what my life was in comparison to my fellow African American and minority friends.

So, where does all this come from.  Why now?  Why discuss this and maybe cause waves…NOW.  Well, I had a recent discovery in my life after the celebration of our, OUR Independence Day on July 4th.  It came after Facebook exploded from a post that a well know Christian artist posted on twitter.  This is what he posted:

Lecrae Family

“My Family on July 4th 1776″

He got a lot of flack from people, Christians saying he was making things too much about race and not about the gospel!  Are you kidding?  WOW!  When I saw this, 2 things came to me…

1.)  My understanding of what July 4th 1776 meant was quite skewed

2.)  How sad that people would be so upset about a picture portraying the truth.  Why was this and why were so many people upset?  Why is it that when race issues are discussed, white people become so defensive?

First of all, I thought, as I said above that I had a pretty well-rounded education in comparison to those around me, but until I was in a different environment, I didn’t realize how skewed my view was as a white person.  When we talk about Independence Day, we talk about WHITE Independence Day when the colonies gained their independence from Britain.  It wasn’t until June 19, 1865 when the last slaves in America were freed.  I had never put the thought together that Independence Day for me is not Independence for African Americans.  It made me so sad to realize this in my ignorance.  It made me more sad to realize that so much of black history is not discussed in white america.  We as white privileged Americans don’t want to know about that.  It is easier to compartmentalize this area of our history and our part in history than to face it.  Of course we feel bad about it, but not bad enough to own it or realize that we are who we are because of those who went before us, and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

We are called as Christians to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Our neighbors.  Who are our neighbors?  Do you think it matters if they are black, latino, Chinese or Muslim.  We are to love them.  The Bible speaks to this many times over.  Is sometimes showing love speaking up when no one else does?  Is it speaking for the voiceless like Proverbs 31 states?  Are we all called sons and daughters in Christ?  Did Christ die for us ALL?  I don’t remember there being exceptions.

I have read a lot of people criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement.  Saying that ALL lives matter.  Why should one race be picked out above the rest.  Here is a great explanation of what Black Lives Matter is all about.  About Black Lives Matter

Well, 9 times out of 10, these people always say “I’m not racist, but…”  It is easy to make judgements and have opinions when you really don’t understand or want to understand.  This brings me to another point which was summed up well in a quote I recently read from a friend and pastor, David Swanson from Chicago…

It’s much easier to speak on behalf of the “voiceless” than to repent for my role in keeping them silent.  -David Swanson

This really hit me like a ton of bricks that my silence on this matter is not doing anyone any favors.

SO, now what.  Going back to my realization after talking with Joel about white privilege, you may have wondered what happened after that.  Well, I suppose it is simple and complicated.  It is conversation.  Talking and learning the stories of people who are different than me helped me understand SO much.  Talking with African America friends.  Having dialogue with people who allowed me to make mistakes in my wording and descriptions realizing that I was trying to learn.  I was racist.  WOW, that is hard to write.  Of course not blatantly racist, but saying things and having a mind of racism.  There is so much of this out there and it needs to stop.  White people, we need to stop being so arrogant to think that we know the minority journey.  We don’t know what it is like.  We HAVE to talk, we HAVE to understand we HAVE to come to the table to listen.  Not to defend ourselves, not to be defensive, but to own up to our part in making people silent.  It’s there.  15 years ago I didn’t know, but now I do.  I understand more and with this understanding comes a responsibility to be and do better.  We will make mistakes.  We HAVE made mistakes and we have to own it.  But we can’t be silent any longer.  We have to help the voiceless, to be a voice and to speak up to the voices that have been silenced.

Should we struggle?  Yes we should. We should discuss and learn and cry and lament together.  But the great thing about struggle is that there is hope in the struggle.  Would we struggle over something we don’t care about?  No.  You just wouldn’t care about it.  But if you are struggling with this, I encourage you that there is hope in the struggle.

Proverbs 31:8-10

Speak out on behalf of the voiceless,
    and for the rights of all who are vulnerable.[a]
Speak out in order to judge with righteousness
    and to defend the needy and the poor.

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Trip to the Beach


We will be heading to the States on August 7th for about 3 weeks to spend some time there since we will not be able to travel over the holidays this year.  We hope to be able to see many of you while we are there but we only be able to be in Indiana and Chicago during our short time.  Since we are making this trip in August, we needed to schedule our annual vacation to see the whales early this year.  This past week we traveled with our friends and ministry partners, Pastor Jose and his famliy and our project coordinator Rolando and his family, to the beach town of Puerto Cayo to spend some time in the sun, relax a little and see the beauty of God’s creation there.  Enjoy some photos from our week!

13522033_10153924431136028_4544462603760444510_n 13631462_10153924432601028_1525984816075126191_n 13669657_10153924432461028_5190875930842719994_n 13669840_10153924432766028_6533354599196317235_n 13681037_10153924431226028_6235921666510615841_n 13782120_10153924432006028_1836841094898568333_n 13872941_10153924431276028_2289654176778944978_n 13873039_10153924431451028_4618448564986682837_n 13873047_10153924431721028_5453864993332906077_n 13873090_10153924431481028_2436616348873783164_n 13873219_10153924431361028_7648997023483323112_n 13873241_10153924431516028_8777855670625863684_n 13876191_10153924432531028_1810609056945686658_n 13886438_10153924431556028_3673540600488550114_n 13886924_10153924432711028_464955870964265517_n 13891883_10153924432311028_2041996513025896409_n 13892203_10153924431951028_6819983903829923889_n 13892231_10153924431191028_2277890150082141037_n 13892391_10153924431401028_7822983136917528450_n 13895051_10153924431651028_4862544208232336094_n 13900057_10153924432056028_7295297603284010288_n 13900298_10153924431821028_5727092681364144194_n 13902596_10153924431906028_1249066627359916836_n

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New Partner Joining Forces

Annalea 1 Annalea prayer


We are so excited to announce that we are going to have a new short term missionary coming to Ecuador!  Her name is Annalea Egging.  She was recently commissioned at the Covenant Annual Meeting (pictured above) to be a short term missionary.  Kim knew Annalea, or at least knew of her when she was in nursing school at North Park.  We connected again over a year ago now about possible opportunities in the Covenant to serve.  She came down to work with the Santiago Partnership in August of last year with our very first medical team.  She did a great job and it was SUCH a pleasure and blessing to work with her during this time.  We had a lot of great conversations and asked her about the possibility of coming back down as a short termer.  She had other commitments for a few months, but decided she would apply and go from there.  We were SO excited to hear she would be coming down to work with us.  She will be a great addition to our mission team from the States, but also a wonderful compliment to our staff at the clinic in Cayambe.  She will be working there, mainly focusing on education and outreach medically to the local and distant communities that desperately need basic medical education (handwashing, sanitation, etc).  Additionally, she is a gifted and very experienced labor and delivery nurse with a lot of specialty areas that will come in handy at the clinic and beyond.  This is an area we hope to develop more once she arrives in Ecuador.  I was so struck when she was here how well we worked together.  She is very gifted in areas where I am  not and she has great ideas that I have not even thought about for the clinic.  I do consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to work together and dream together to see what God has and what He wants to do in the clinic and surrounding community in Cayambe, Ecuador.

If you want to learn more about Annalea and her journey, here is her blog:  One Foot in Front of the Other

If you are interested in giving to Annalea and support her short term time here in Ecuador, you can check out her giving page here:  Annalea Giving

We covet your prayers as we are in new territory with having a Covenant Missionary come to work specifically with our project.  It is SO exciting and we are anticipating how God is going to work, but we ask you pray with us to be able to sense God’s leading and to develop the clinic in the way God desires.   Also pray for Annalea and other Covenant missionaries raising support.  It is a daunting and overwhelming task at times although SUCH a way to see God’s work and faithfulness.  Pray that her support comes in quickly so she can come to Ecuador soon!

Annalea, Myrian (our fearless translator and friend) and Kim a year ago in August with our first medical team with the Santiago Partnership

Annalea, Myrian (our fearless translator and friend) and Kim a year ago in August with our first medical team with the Santiago Partnership



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Update on Office Construction

Thank you so much for your support of the Santiago Partnership, especially Church of the Good Shepherd in Crest Hill, IL as they have given a special gift toward this project. Here is how we are progressing with the office project. You can see the floor tiling that was recently purchased and will soon be installed.

_DSC_3346 DSC_3342 DSC_3344 DSC_3345 DSC_3347 EDSC_3341

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Update on Earthquake Relief

Thank you so, so much for your support of our relief efforts to those affected by the recent earthquake. Through your support, we have begun the process of building 4 homes for the people of Mejia who lost theirs that terrible day in April. As you can see in the pictures, the pastor of our partner church, Iglesia Emanuel, Pastor Jose is heading up the efforts through the assistance of church members and our project coordinator, Rolando Escola. Good work boys!!!

_13600037_10154160183858280_3398186038101076162_n 13418802_10154172058378280_6415233877514135203_n 13592612_10154166039248280_7179454076406192565_n 13599968_10154160184123280_4168504403296677498_n 13606452_10154162190598280_3557745413028602311_n 13606489_10154172058223280_1236017494985253204_n 13606871_10154166039358280_3168574254270823305_n 13615107_10154161978893280_8184850308120404336_n 13615244_10154164929078280_6277374021456639242_n 13619895_10154166039493280_5718963127005003212_n 13620015_10154157390508280_7528372052136476492_n 13620298_10154159089078280_3373574934497247587_n 13620733_10154160029353280_4726023888940030290_n 13654314_10154167614408280_3466296670409879897_n

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Gracias Valerie!!!

The past couple of weeks we had the pleasure of having a volunteer with us from Faith Covenant Church in Farmington Hills, MI by the name of Valerie Johnson.  Valerie came to help in the clinic, help with a work team, learn about Ecuador as well as some more Spanish and to just lend us a helping hand with all of our kids.  It was great having her with us as she was a BIG help and it was neat to teach her all about Ecuador and the life of a missionary.  We unfortunately were extremely busy while she was with us and we didn’t get as many pictures as we would have liked.  Thank you Valerie for coming down to help!!!!

13439140_10154193768801287_6973670249184070936_n 13508938_10154193768816287_155298826583730112_n 13528683_10154216426535242_8520266595524719945_n 13557842_10153852611446028_6964677297217496610_n 13567386_10154216426770242_1738068122790229354_n

20160622_194104 20160624_074200 20160624_102954 20160626_143220 20160627_182346 IMG_20160702_193952

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