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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Spanish Cooking Lessons: Making Empanadas!

Joel rolling out the dough


Pressing out the dough


Frying them up!

The finished product 
The finished product

For one of our Spanish lessons this week, Olgita and Ricardo taught us how to make homemade empanadas from scratch!  It was a great time

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Native Ecuadorian Dance

 Our fmaily had the opportunity to be a present at a “going away” party for a mission team from Denver who was heading back.  It was a fun time.  One of the coolest parts was when some ladies from the …

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Willling to be Used by God

We will start transitioning this blog from being just an “updates and pictures website” to also be a blog.  We know that updates and pictures are what a lot of you will be coming here for but we also want …

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Video Greeting From Quito

Miss seeing us? Check out our Video Greeting:

[youtube id=”wlY79P0O_M8″]

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Goodbye Northwest Covenant Team!

We wil miss you!

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Meeting with IPEE

We met with the Executive Board of IPEE on Saturday.  IPEE is the Covenant National Chuch of Ecuador.  It was basically a meet and greet where we had the oportunity to introduce ourselves to everyone and tell them about ourselves.  …

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1st Trip to the Amazon!!!!

We just got back from the Amazon!  Pretty cool, eh?  We actually didn’t go in the deep just yet.  Mainly just on the edge.

We had the wonderful opportunity to go with our Spanish teacher, Olgita Burbano and her husband …

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100% Supported!!!!

We have been busy and haven’t been able to post recently.  But we wanted to write a quick note and let you know that after being here for a few days we found out that we are 100% funded financially.  …

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First Week in Quito

Our first week is coming to a close, but it has been very full. We jumped right in Monday morning with Spanish classes from 8-noon. I (Kim) started in level 1 while Joel started in level 3. We both feel …

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