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More Support Needed

Posted by on January 5, 2023

It probably comes at no surprise to you that over the last couple of years the support for the Delp Family as Serve Global personnel with the Evangelical Covenant Church has slowly been dropping since the covid pandemic and the ensuing economic turmoil that has followed.  Our support has dipped to its lowest point of 85% recently and seems that is our current support level.  As missionaries in Ecuador, we are supposed to remain 100% supported and up until a couple of years ago, that had not been a problem.


As you all are evaluating your finances in the new year 2023, we wanted to ask you to consider to either starting or increasing a monthly commitment to support us.  We are planning on our next Home Assignment in 2024 but until then we need to try to have our support not continue to decline and hopefully we can have it improve.


We know that all of you are praying for us and our ministy and that still remains the most important!  Thank you so much for your faithfulness in praying and giving these years.  We did just want to let you know about our financial support situation.  Click the picture below to start a new commitment. (We did include some instructions below)

The giving page for us is a little bit confusing.  If you are wanting to start a new monthly commitment, this is what the website will look like when you click on the link above:

Once you get to this page, just put the amount that you want to donate monthly in space before “Give” that is below our names.  Once you do that, click “Give” and you will be directed to a page where you can enter the rest of the information.  On that page, make sure to check the check box that says “Recurring” so that way you can set it up as a monthly donation.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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