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The Rocha Family

Posted by on March 2, 2011

La Familia Rocha


The camp in Santo Domingo where Joel has been working and where the family has been visiting could not run without the Rocha family.  They keep this place going and take care of the visitors that come.  Rueben with a couple of helpers takes care of all the grounds at the camp as well as taking care of the workers that are working to fix the camp up.  He works very, VERY hard-probably 60-70 hour weeks.  One example is he mows the entire camp grass (probably 5-10 acres) with a PUSH MOWER!

Amparo, Rueben’s wife does ALL of the cooking with a few kitchen helpers.  While we are there, she cooks 3 meals a day for us, but even with 150 people at the camp, she cooks 3 meals a day, PLUS 2 snacks!  She is quite the busy lady.  Rueben and Amparo have 5 daughters-Lis, Mayra, Jeymi, Caren and Rubi.  They also have a niece staying with them, Maria.  Each of these girls, besides Rubi who is only 1, helps out around the camp.  It has been great to see the relationship of this family and the example of Christ that they are.  Although they work VERY hard, they always do so with a smile.  Each member of the family has their part, and they really, honestly love each other.  It’s great to see and we have been so blessed to be able to get to know them this past month.

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