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Celebrating El Dia de Difuntos and Two Birthdays

Posted by on November 4, 2010

On Tuesday, we had the opportunity the share together with our mission friends and ministry partners in celebrating the holiday in Ecuador called El Dia De Difuntos (The Day of the Dead).  This is a very big holiday in Ecuador and most all Latino countries.  It’s a day when families are together, eat a special meal, go to church, and then visit the tombs of their deceased family members.  You can kind of think of it like a Memorial Day in the States but with a lot more tradition.  Their are two very special foods that are prepared on this day; both of which you can see pictured below.  Colada Morada is a special drink that is pepared and GuaGuas de Pan is a special dessert that is made.  The Colada Morada (translated as the purple colada, or oatmeal drink) is a drink made from cooking blackberries, blueberries, cinnamon, cloves, and other fruits and spices with a little oatmeal in the water until thick. The drink is then blended until smooth.  GuaGua is actually a Quechuan word meaning “child” so, as you can see, it’s litterally “children of bread.”  We all enjoyed this very much, including Simeon who tried the Colada Morada.

A picture of the Colada Morada and GuaGuas de Pan

Simeon trying the Colada Morada

We also celebrated Josh's and Joel's Birthdays since they are both in November

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