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Upcoming Travels

Posted by on October 7, 2010
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We are planning to take a couple of trips around Ecuador over the next 3 weeks.  We leave on Saturday for CUENCA.  We will be dividing the trip up so we don’t have to drive 8-9 hours at a time with a 7 month old.  Our plans are to drive to Riobamba and stay the night.  On Sunday we will drive to Cuenca and stay there for 5 days.  Our Spanish school has a sister school in Cuenca so we will be studying for the week as well as seeing Cuenca.   It is the old capital of Ecuador and is known as the cultural center of Ecuador.  On Friday we will drive to Banos and stay there until Sunday when we drive back to Quito.  Banos is a great touristy type area with hot springs and many things to do.  It will be fun to just hang out there for a couple of days.

The next week we will have Spanish lessons in QUito like normal.  The following Friday we will travel to Santa Domingo for the pastor’s retreat for IPEE for Saturday.  We will then travel to Manta on the coast and stay in Monte Cristi.  We will be doing another week of Spanish lessons on the coast (in the mornings) and then hopefully hanging out on the beach for some of the afternoons!  There are some Covenant ministries and churches we are hoping to visit while we are there.
We are so blessed to have this opportunity to travel while we learn Spanish as well as visit Covenant ministries. 
We covet your prayers during our travel as well as for continued prayer for learning Spanish!
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