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Please pray for Ruben!

Posted by on October 23, 2013

Rueben_RochaWe’ve just heard from Ecuador that Ruben has been readmitted into the hospital, this time in Quito.  His pain has increased again and they have decided to perform the surgery to remove the liquid that is surrounding his pancreas.  This surgery is considered to be high risk, but there is a strong prognosis that it will be successful and it will greatly help with his pain and discomfort.  Please pray for Ruben on Friday when he will be having this surgery!  We’ll keep you updated here.

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2 Responses to Please pray for Ruben!

  1. Dan and Faith Johnson

    Hi Joel and Kim,
    We read about Ruben’s upcoming surgery. We will be praying. As you have contact with Ecuador, please convey our love and prayers to Ruben and his family.
    And praise God for your rising support. love, Dan and Faith

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  2. Joel & Kim

    Thanks for your prayers! The surgery went well but was difficult. Ruben is actually being released today from the hospital and is traveling back to Santo Domingo.

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