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A Blessing in a…CAR!

Posted by on October 23, 2012

The givers of the car-Kim's parents, Jerry and Noritta

A family picture with the new family car

Today we were very blessed by the gift of a car to use for the year, given from Kim’s parents.  As you may well realize, we will be doing a lot of traveling during our time here in the States and without a car, that could have gotten very expensive.  We had talked about this with my parents a while back and they had talked about giving us a car to use for the year.  It’s been very surreal seeing it all happen, but specifically today, it happened.  Kim’s parents drove up to Goshen where we are staying with Joel’s family to turn over the title and switch it into our name.   What a blessing this is to us.  To see God providing for our every need is a very humbling and amazing experience.

Kim’s mom told a story today about the car.  She said that when we started talking about the car, she prayed a prayer of protection over the car – that it  would be protected over the last year for our use.  On the way to Goshen, about a mile from Joel’s parents, 2 deer came dangerously close to the car, but it was fine.  She also said a prayer of blessing and protection over this next year as we are traveling.

Before we were missionaries, we heard many stories and testimonies about ways God had showed himself in the lives of missionaries.  We believed and still believe them, but it is a totally different thing to experience it first hand.  Before being missionaries, we never prayed for a car to be provided or a place to stay.  We were able to provide those things, in a way, for ourselves.  But it is a different ballgame when we HAVE to rely on God to provide because we can’t do it ourselves.  It is humbling, sometimes a little embarrassing, but there is nothing more awesome than to see and experience God provide for our every need and to see how His people listen to Him when He asks.

We thank God and praise Him today for providing for our car needs.  We praise Him that He provided not just 1, but 3 car seats for Simeon for our time in the States and also for providing over 2 plastic tubs FULL of clothes for Simeon to use during this year.  We don’t say these things lightly, and we hope all those reading realize HOW incredible these blessings are for us!

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