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Prayer Request

Posted by on October 20, 2011

Just wanted to share a real quick prayer request.  The Rocha Family (the family that lives at and runs the camp) has had recent difficulty with their vehicle.  They have a large van which they use to take all of their girls (they have 6 all together) as well as some of the other neighborhood kids into and back from Santo Domingo every day.  The trip is about 35 minutes both ways.  Ruben usually makes 3-4 trips into Santo Domingo every day to take care of all of the necessities of the camp and the family.  Well, the van has had recent very bad problems.  The computer went 0ut and to get it repaired its going to be a very large expense for them.  Something they can´t afford.  They are trying to figure out ways right now to get it fixed and paid for.  We just ask that you pray for them and the situation with the van as it is critical to their lives and the camp.  Thank you!!!  Here´s a picture of the Rocha family.

La Familia Rocha

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