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Unveil Yourselves, Women of Africa: A Call for Peace

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West Pokot, Kenya (smaller, just Kenya)In West Pokot, Kenya, Philipine (Pini) Chepkoech Kidulah and her support staff at Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika are bringing a new element of transformation to the communities through addressing conflict between the Pokot and Turkana people. Jitokeze Wamama Wafrika (Swahili for: “Unveil yourselves, women of Africa”) has been actively engaged in empowering women in the region through agricultural development initiatives and training. As climate change has worsened, resources for both the Turkana and Pokot have been dwindling in this semi-arid climate. With decreased access to resources, these neighboring people groups have turned to cattle rustling (stealing) in order to maintain control over their primary sources of wealth: livestock and land. Many families have lost fathers, brothers, and sons to the violence of the raids. Occasionally unarmed women are even targeted by armed men who seek revenge in the cyclical violence between these two groups of people.

Pini and Jitokeze have recognized that there is a deeper issue than simply limited resources: cattle are valued more than human life. Below is an excerpt from a recent report to Covenant World Relief that details a conflict transformation training session: Continue Reading »

Kenya Education Update-Grace’s Story

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Grace (right) will study Aeronautical Engineering in Michigan.

It is wonderful to hear about ongoing projects and the communities that our partners are working with, but we also rejoice in hearing about the lasting effects of completed projects. The Kitengela Covenant Church opened its doors many years ago to the arriving Congolese refugees seeking a new home. Grace and her family were among those who traveled to Kenya. She and her siblings attended the school program funded by Covenant World Relief through the Kitengela Covenant Church. Through a resettlement program, Grace and her family relocated to Michigan where she started high school. She worked hard and even had the opportunity to visit the White House with her brother, Daniel. Grace and Daniel have been given scholarships to attend the West Michigan Aviation Academy where they both plan to study Aeronautical Engineering. Grace is just one example of the amazing ways education can inspire children and open the door to life-changing experiences.

Thank you for partnering with us and the Kitengela Covenant Church to provide educational opportunities in Kenya!


‘Kenya Women Building Sustainable Communities’

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Regina left home after 6th grade. Her father was planning to marry her off to an elderly man, without Regina’s consent. The dowry her father would have received amounted to several heads of cattle, the price for a child bride. Young women are often sent away by their families to marry much older men and are valued for their ability to produce a family.

Doreen is a bright student from Western Kenya. She passed all of her exams, but was unable to continue her education because she did not have any funds. Few women in her community are allowed to earn a living and save their money; the men control family funds, leaving the women with little economic power.

But today, there is hope for Regina, Doreen, and many other Kenyan women leaving similar situations. Continue Reading »

Relief for Kenya Flooding

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Several hundred families are looking for relief from flooding in Kenya. Funding from Covenant World Relief helped provide food (maize and beans), mosquito nets, and vehicles for transport of people and goods (two trucks and one car). Kitengela church members in Kenya, 80% of whom are Congolese refugees, donated clothes for relief. SAM_3209Only two years ago, many of these church members were receiving clothes from a clothing drive; now they are able to give back to those who are in greater need than themselves.

Local leadership spoke to their communities about disaster preparedness for any future flooding encounters.

Bridges have been swept away but the government expects to repair the damage. Crops are in ruins, submerged in water. The lack of harvest will surely impact the availability of food in the region. Continue Reading »

World Refugee Day

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What is a refugee?

Around the world, people have been displaced, forced from their homes, or simply—fearing the worst—have fled their neighborhoods and villages ahead of waves of violence. Some people have lost the right to claim a nationality as countries and states have dissolved. Many of these people have gone to neighboring countries where they petition neighboring governments for protection and recognition as refugees.

There are many types of refugees:

  • those who live without citizenship with any country, due to national changes, are stateless people;
  • those who flee their homes and remain in their home country are known as internally displaced persons (IDPs);
  • those hoping for protection in another country are asylum seekers; and, finally,
  • those granted protection behind neighboring borders are called refugees.

Refugees are the only people of the four groups with substantial protection under international law.

How is CWR involved with refugees?

useCovenant World Relief works in partnership with the Evangelical Covenant Church of Kenya (ECCK), in Kitengala, to provide a new home and a renewed sense of stability for Congolese refugees fleeing the violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their primary focus in Kitengala is on education for the children of the refugees, which, in turn, provides the parents with the peace of knowing their kids are safe during the day, while they look for jobs and go to work. Click here to learn more about this project. Continue Reading »