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P1280397Part of effecting truly sustainable community development is the commitment of the local communities to the project. Without this, a community-development project looks like any other charity and may not be well received by the local community. Without investment in a project from the local community, the project may soon be another wasted source of funds. However if the community is committed in making the project a reality, chances are they will be committed to its continued and long lasting livelihood.

Members of communities in West Pokot County, Kenya are doing just that. They have realized that it is up to them to take the initiative to get these projects off the ground. This is extremely encouraging and is leading to successful programs in both Self Help groups and Food Security programs in the area. Men and Women, and even neighboring groups who have before been in conflict have come together, realizing the importance of these projects for the livelihood of their respective families and communities.

It is really exciting to see that just as Covenant World Relief has partners with us, we also get to partner directly with the communities on projects. Not only that but these communities are also partnering with each other, promoting peace and sustainability that would never be possible without their involvement.

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