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Ministering in Mexico

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Prevention of childhood sexual abuse TequixquiacCovenant World Relief is partnering with a new ministry in Mexico called “Ministering to the Abused and Exploited of Mexico (MAEM).” Recently, MAEM gave a presentation to the Tequix quiac Covenant Church on the prevention of childhood sexual abuse. David Husby, the Covenant World Relief Director and three other US Hispanic leaders, had the privilege to work with the MAEM to share ministry concerns, activities, and goals. The all-day conference about human trafficking had about sixty people from the Mexico City metropolitan area and surrounding states. There was a good representation of the young population there at the conference as well. The teaching was received well by the people and they are hoping for more presentations like it. The people enjoyed the Biblical perspective on abuse and exploitation given by Dr. Boaz Johnson, a professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at North Park University in Chicago who advocates for human trafficking and global slavery awareness.

–Polly, CWR intern and NPU student


India Justice and Reconciliation

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The caste system in India has been oppressing people and families for generations. It is hard to say strongly enough just how devastating the caste system is. CWR partner, Truthseekers International, sees that one way to destroy the caste system is to allow and promote inter-caste marriages. They are providing a different wedding format for these inter-caste marriages. This format allows God and the dignity of man and woman at the center of the ceremony. This format allows people to do different things that they would not traditionally be allowed to do such as exchanging vows, worshiping the Creator God, blessing the couple in their own language, an treating the bride and groom equally. Continue Reading »

Weddings for Social Change

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truthseekers weddingCovenant World Relief partners with Truthseekers  International to bring reconciliation and transformation to an oppressive system. The caste system of India has been used to oppress and manipulate great multitudes of the Indian population. Recently the Truthseekers mission has sought to challenge the traditional Indian wedding format by organizing weddings without idol worship or high caste priests overseeing them. These weddings are unique in that they include people from all different castes, both the high and low, and allow them to gather together in celebration. This is the goal of Truthseekers, to challenge the caste system, but do so peacefully and pointing to Christ’s love as the source behind their joy and love for all people. Continue Reading »

Escaping to a Life of Dignity

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Commercial Sex Work in PuneAsha was living the painful life of a prostitute in Pune, India. After few years, she gave birth to a baby girl.  She cared for her child for many years, but when her daughter turned eight years old, Asha’s living conditions made it impossible to care for her little girl anymore. To make matters worse, the local people had begun commenting on how pretty Asha’s daughter was and how should would make a very good prostitute. Asha also noticed signs of physical abuse on the little girl.

Asha was able to contact HCC and shared her difficulties with the staff.  She gave the child to HCC and requested HCC to care for the little girl.   HCC agreed to help find a better solution for the child’s future, so they took her out of the brothel and cared for her at the Convent of St. Mary in Pune. All expenses related to her care and education were covered by HCC, which provided relief for Asha.

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India Reflections from Greg Yee

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A number of CWR-connected people recently took a trip to India to visit CWR projects. Below are reflections about the trip from Greg Yee, who is a member of the CWR Advisory Team and currently serves as the associate superintendent of the Pacific Southwest Conference but has been nominated to serve as superintendent of the North Pacific Conference.

India groupI had the privilege of traveling to India with some of our Covenant’s finest leaders.  We represented the wonderful diversity of our home mission field in the U.S./Canada: four conferences, three ethnicities, different generations and genders.  Besides Dave, it was the first time in India for all of us.

My travel companions already blessed us with their thorough perspective and reflections of our trip here on the CWR blog [click here, here, and here].  To add to their entries, I would like to offer a couple of reflections but then move to sharing more personally how this trip affected me. Continue Reading »