Weddings for Social Change

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truthseekers weddingCovenant World Relief partners with Truthseekers  International to bring reconciliation and transformation to an oppressive system. The caste system of India has been used to oppress and manipulate great multitudes of the Indian population. Recently the Truthseekers mission has sought to challenge the traditional Indian wedding format by organizing weddings without idol worship or high caste priests overseeing them. These weddings are unique in that they include people from all different castes, both the high and low, and allow them to gather together in celebration. This is the goal of Truthseekers, to challenge the caste system, but do so peacefully and pointing to Christ’s love as the source behind their joy and love for all people.

What better way to break chains of oppression and hatred than a wedding! In a setting traditionally dominated by rules, regulations, and idol worship Truthseekers seeks to include members of all different castes in their wedding ceremonies. This peaceful method of bringing together groups of people who would otherwise not even look at each other is encouraging in the battle against a system which has oppressed so many for so long. Recently a Truthseeker’s son was married but without the traditional ceremonies which include: idol worship, unintelligible mantras, or putting men above women. Instead there was a simple exchange of vows in the couple’s own language and members of at least 16 castes were present and fed. CWR is honored to participate in God’s work in India showing love and justice.


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