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Back to School in India

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AA* is 8 years old, and lives in Wahabpora, India.  His father is a daily wage laborer and was not able to pay for his son’s education, so he discontinued his studies and spent his days with friends around his …

Innovation brings clean water in India

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Your gifts to Covenant World Relief and Project Blue are making a difference in India! A new well was planned at St. Luke Health Center in Aurad, India, a ministry of CWR partner the Hindustani Covenant Church. The well there

India Justice and Reconciliation

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The caste system in India has been oppressing people and families for generations. It is hard to say strongly enough just how devastating the caste system is. CWR partner, Truthseekers International, sees that one way to destroy the caste …

Tuin’s Story: An Indian Refugee

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Week 12 TuinFACT:

Many people are refugees in their own countries. They have been forced to leave their homes because of war, violence, or persecution because they are of a particular ethnic group or religion. In India some Christian tribes have been

A Water Buffalo Provides New Hope

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How a gift from the Covenant Cares catalog changed a family’s future

My name is Shiv Chandra and I am from Bihar, India. Born in a low-caste family, I am reminded every day that I am poor, marginalized, and untouchable.