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Women in Congo Have New Hope

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CWR partners in Goma, Congo have been working with women and girls to provide them with vocational training. Through tailored vocational and human rights education and improving the health and economic opportunities available to unwed teenage mothers and children, HOLD is addressing the root causes of extreme poverty and inequity.

Over the past few mothers 80 women have passed the board exams and received their certificates from the government representative from the Division of Social Services. These women and girls have learned how to manage micro-credit, how to calculate profitability, and the importance of saving in business. They have also participated in awareness sessions focused on health concerns like malaria and unplanned pregnancies and have learned more about their own basic human rights.

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Connection Between Development and Emergency Relief

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I have worked with refugees in the United States and therefore realize how hard it is for refugees to become a part of the new community they flee to. It takes a long time for the “host community” to turn in to a “home community” and in some culture this never happens.  However in Kenya, refugees from Congo have been given the opportunity to become part of the community. They are now helping others in their village as well.

In April there was massive flooding in Kenya. Fortunately, not many people died but the flooding killed animals and destroyed an estimated 10,000 homes. Families have been exposed to diseases like malaria and there was a lack of food and clean water. All of these issues have been compounded by the mass homelessness. Continue Reading »

Child Trauma Recovery Training Program: Ituri Region, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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In the DR Congo, a country that has been ravaged by civil war, there are many people who haven’t had the comfort of feeling safe, and many of them children. My home has always felt safe. I have never felt threatened in the places that I have lived, but that is not the case for many families in the DR Congo. But what happens when the fighting stops? What happens when there is a new found sense of peace? Continue Reading »

Success Story from Kenya!

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Forced to leave war torn Congo, Florence Benza and her family journeyed to Kenya. There, they found the Kitengela Covenant Church and Florence began to take classes through a program supported by Covenant World Relief for Congolese refugees. She received a scholarship from Kitengela Covenant Church and began secondary school in 2010. She is now a graduate and works in a secretarial position for a company in Kitengela.

Through this program she has been given a home and an opportunity to that she might not have otherwise had in the Congo. Thank you for your support for the work of the Evangelical Covenant Church in Kenya!

Kenya Education Update-Grace’s Story

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Grace (right) will study Aeronautical Engineering in Michigan.

It is wonderful to hear about ongoing projects and the communities that our partners are working with, but we also rejoice in hearing about the lasting effects of completed projects. The Kitengela Covenant Church opened its doors many years ago to the arriving Congolese refugees seeking a new home. Grace and her family were among those who traveled to Kenya. She and her siblings attended the school program funded by Covenant World Relief through the Kitengela Covenant Church. Through a resettlement program, Grace and her family relocated to Michigan where she started high school. She worked hard and even had the opportunity to visit the White House with her brother, Daniel. Grace and Daniel have been given scholarships to attend the West Michigan Aviation Academy where they both plan to study Aeronautical Engineering. Grace is just one example of the amazing ways education can inspire children and open the door to life-changing experiences.

Thank you for partnering with us and the Kitengela Covenant Church to provide educational opportunities in Kenya!