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Second and third and fourth chances at a new future

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Covenant World Relief partners with ACT for Congo in the eastern region of DR Congo near Goma. Through this partnership, a program provides a restart opportunity for young single girls who have children. It is a place for these girls to gain an education and have a better future in the end.

Mary is one of these women that attends the school. In the beginning, Mary was having trouble at the school. Mary struggled trying to stay focused and being disciplined. After many conversations and chances, she eventually had to be expelled. A few weeks later she asked the school for a second chance. Mary knew that the skills and support she was learning were making a real difference and could help change her life for the better. The school allowed her another chance, which also meant that her little girl could come back to the Children’s Space the school provided.

Mary began attending cosmetology classes regularly and learned well. Unfortunately her old habits returned. When she began skipping class, her counselor decided to visit her. Mary was found working as a hairdresser and had three other girls working with her. She had set up her business under a tarp next to her house! Mary had figured she could make more money working all day then just half. It turned out that Mary had lots of clients! Now Mary has graduated and is supporting herself and her daughter as a beautician. She knows that without her education she could not have had a better future.

–written by Polly, CWR intern.

Felix, John, and Francine’s Story: Congolese Refugees in Kenya

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Week 10 Parents of Felix, John, and FrancineFACT:

While on the run, children eat what they can gather, but sometimes there is no food to gather. Often the water that is available can cause sickness and disease. There are also warring groups who may snatch up children or give them food and then train them as soldiers.


Many children who fled the fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo and traveled to Kenya are now a part of the Evangelical Covenant Church in Kitengela. Most of the children in the church are either orphans or separated from family members. Three of those children, Felix, John, and Francine, wonder if they will ever see their parents again. Although they miss their parents, they are grateful to those who care for them. During worship, Felix, John, and Francine join in sharing songs, Bible verses, and dancing. In spite of their hardship, each loves Jesus. Continue Reading »

Excellent’s Story: A Congolese Refugee in Kenya

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Week 9 ExcellentFACT:

The majority of Congolese children being ministered to by the Evangelical Covenant Church in Kenya are orphans, single-parented, or separated from their family.


Excellent is a seven-year-old boy who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has not seen peace there in his entire childhood. In 2010, Excellent and his family fled because of war. During their journey they spent many weeks running from violence and went many days without food. Their feet were sore and they were weak from lack of food and water. They had to be on the watch for soldiers so they didn’t get caught in the middle of a battle. They often slept near the road that would take them to Kenya. They had no tent and there were no places to stay. Sometimes Excellent wondered if he and his family would live through the long trip. The closer they got to Kenya, the safer it seemed, but the more tired they became. Weeks passed. Finally, when it seemed Excellent and his family could walk no further, some truck drivers helped them travel the rest of the way.  Continue Reading »

Fleeing for Safety in Kenya

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ecck blogMen and Women like Gad Nkera have fled the Congo due to instability and civil war which has rocked the country for the past several years. Many have ended up in Kenya without family or friends and without any idea of what their future may hold. Thanks to the work of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Kenya and their partnership with CWR, Gad and many others have been able to receive an education despite their status as refugees. Although not the intended plan for this project with ECCK, God has used it to bring much needed relief and recovery to many Congolese refugees.



Succeeding Together

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When worth and identity are important to everyone, and when those things are threaten, or wholly ignored, your entire perspective on life changes. ACT for Congo seeks to bring unwed vulnerable mothers into society as productive, valued people. They seek to show these women that they are made in the image of God, and also help them acquire skills and knowledge that will help them support themselves and their families and be responsible citizens and capable leaders for their society.4

These young women have all been abandoned with their children to care for. Often their pregnancy was not their plan or is a result of violence. The women are blamed and marginalized, which in turn affects their children. They are most often poor, malnourished and ill-housed. Through this program, called Succeeding Together, these women are able to receive training in a trade and ultimately own their own businesses and able to better take care of their families.

This program also seeks to educate women about how to be careful and how to prevent pregnancy. They use skits, plays, songs, and poetry that are created by the women to educate others about all health issues related to pregnancy. Over the past few months, Succeeding Together has been able to accomplish some amazing things. Continue Reading »