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Burma Mobile Health Clinics- Partners Relief and Development

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Over the past 60 years in Burma (now called Myanmar), every ethnic state has had a resistance movement to respond to the oppression from the central government. Today, there is a ceasefire and a call to ratify the ceasefire with the central government. There are risks to any agreement, but there is hope for peace in a country that has known war for far too long. There is hope for new beginnings and fresh starts. One villager states, “If we do not run, we can start rebuilding our country.”

CWR partners with the Burma Mobile Health Clinics as they continue to travel to remote villages and administer health care to those in need. They have been met with some new challenges since the ceasefire has taken place. People are feeling freer to travel through the former war zones, leading to more casualties from scattered landmines. They have also been met with continued challenges: severe pneumonia in patients and without the capacity to find the strain, it continues to spread.

Since the fighting has stopped, people are more concerned for the basic health and sanitation because they are now able to remain stationary, more water systems and toilets have been installed.

There is always need, mostly in prayer. Pray that they ceasefire in Myanmar would stay in effect as the country begins to heal and people begin to return to their homes. Pray for the medics as they continue to face different medical cases with limited resources. Pray for the committees tasked with managing a relationship with the government health system, for wisdom, direction, and mutual understanding.


Enabling Partnerships

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One of Covenant World Relief’s biggest values is our great partnerships with others. At the core, CWR is a partnering ministry – we choose to work in partnerships in order to better leverage human and financial resources.

Leaders from CWR, ECCSS, and MTI discussing partnership possibilites

We are excited by the possibility of a new partnership developing, but not between us and another group – between two of our own partners! CWR director Dave Husby has been exploring ways that two of CWR’s great partners, the Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan (ECCSS) and Medical Teams International (MTI), can work together.

Our hope is that the expertise of both organizations can be brought together. MTI has great medical experience, expertise and funding, while ECCSS has amazing connections to the most vulnerable in South Sudan, good local leadership, and a strong willingness and desire to partner with others. It is exciting to imagine what these two organizations can do when they partner together with their varying areas of expertise!

Currently, the capacity of ECCSS is being assessed to ensure that this is the best possible partnership for all of the involved groups. Pray that this can become a fruitful partnership, and that by working together, CWR, ECCSS, and MTI can better love, serve, and work together with the poor, the powerless, and the marginalized.


The Need Continues in Burma

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CWR’s mobile medical clinics project in Burma is in partnership with the Karen Department of Health & Welfare and Partners Relief & Development. They recently sent us a two-part update on what is happening there:

Political update

Burma’s political state is consistently tenuous. Many areas still have heavy fighting, while other areas are experiencing ethnic violence between various native people groups. The government offers little support for ending the violence. Continue Reading »

Mobile Medical Clinics

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Our partner in Burma continues to do great work using their mobile medical clinics. They have reported to us that while there is still much fighting in Burma, their locations are relatively safe. In fact, some of their severely ill patients have been able to pass through territories held by the Burmese army without being harassed! However, it is not guaranteed that peace is permanent, so continue praying for the situation in Burma.

Below are some recent photos from the mobile medical clinics:

Changing women’s lives through healthcare

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Unfortunately, not all have equal access to the benefits of good prenatal and postpartum care.  For many women in the DR Congo, this has created significant life challenges.  Many women are ostracized, abandoned, or left with emotional trauma due to a very preventable condition.  See our earlier stories that explain HEAL Africa’s plan and reasons for this project in more detail here and here.  Here’s the story of one woman who, because of the medical care provided by our partner, has also received the benefits of an embracing community.  Continue Reading »