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Children’s health in Mexico

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Mexico 2In Mexico, the Fuentes Libres micro-finance program for women has begun a new program in partnership with CWR. The staff of Fuentes Libres has seen for quite some time that while the women are gathered to do the work of the banks, the children are present but not engaged in anything age-appropriate or specific for them. So, recently Fuentes Libres started a Children’s Club. One of the communities is in San Andres Ixtlahuaca in Oaxaca. 898 people live in this city.

In this group, the community bank is made up of 70 women. Fuentes Libres has worked there for 4 years and has begin to visit the village and meet with these women in the community bank. Earlier this month, they hosted a health prevention event for the women and children that would be the basis for the children’s clubs. During that event, they focused especially on the children’s health.



Independence for Those with Disabilities in Haiti

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Haiti MTIMTI, or Medical Teams International, began a program over four years ago to help rehabilitate person with disabilities in Haiti.  This has included training their families and communities in how to provide the needed assistance and encouragement, along with providing advice and financial support in making their environment handicap accessible.  In this, a full-time rehabilitation clinic is run, and mobile clinics are conducted at least once a month.   School sponsorships, group therapy classes, and training programs are provided to continue the encouragement of normalcy in the lives of these men and women.

In addition to physically empowering persons with disabilities to function independently and fully within the Haitian community, the MTI team looks at addressing the injustice of discriminations towards persons with disabilities.  Sensitization training sessions are provided to the community leaders, such as teachers, government officials and business owners, in raising the awareness of this discrimination.  These leaders, and the community as a whole, are encouraged to integrate persons with disabilities into the everyday life of the community with and increased sensitivity to their unique needs.  MTI seeks to remind communities that everyone bears the image of God, as we are all created equally. Continue Reading »

Law Eh’s Story: A Burmese Refugee

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Week 7 Law EhFACT:

More than 51 million people are now forcibly displaced worldwide, the largest number since World War Two. Half of the worldwide refugee population in 2013 were children—the most in a decade.


Law Eh is a nine-year-old boy who lives in an overcrowded UN camp in northwestern Burma. Nearly 40,000 Rohingya people who were driven from their homes now live in the refugee camp. Rohingya people are an ethnic group who practice Islam. They have faced persecution because of their ethnicity and religious beliefs. Conditions in the camp are bad. Because of the large number of people, there is limited food, water, shelter, and medical care. Continue Reading »

Mohammed’s Story–A Burmese Refugee

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Week 3 MohammedFACT:
While families are living as refugees, there is limited access to health and medical care, including basic cleanliness like a place to wash their hands. Lack of food and disease are common. Many children do not have access to life-saving medicines. Simple illnesses like diarrhea can become life threatening in a refugee camp because of the lack of access to basic health care.


Mohammed is four years old and weighs ten pounds. He has no clothes except for his red plaid shirt. He and his mother live in a straw hut. A team member spotted how thin he was and brought him to the clinic. Continue Reading »

Healthcare in the midst of conflict

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Ta Mae Kee Clinic StaffDespite the ongoing process striving towards peace in the country of Burma, or Myanmar, the last two months have constituted of increased strife between government soldiers and the ethnic groups in Kachin, Shan, Mon, and Karen States.  In Karen alone, government officials have been defying boundaries set by peace negotiations, and have open fired on Karen Security guards numerous times.  A meeting was held by the Karen National Union recently in hopes of finding a way to keep this process of peace from breaking down.

Through all this, Covenant World Relief continues to partner with Partners Relief and Development to provide medical clinics within Burma.  In the latest update, the clinics reported that medically, all is going well- a breath of fresh air among the turmoil. Continue Reading »