Law Eh’s Story: A Burmese Refugee

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Week 7 Law EhFACT:

More than 51 million people are now forcibly displaced worldwide, the largest number since World War Two. Half of the worldwide refugee population in 2013 were children—the most in a decade.


Law Eh is a nine-year-old boy who lives in an overcrowded UN camp in northwestern Burma. Nearly 40,000 Rohingya people who were driven from their homes now live in the refugee camp. Rohingya people are an ethnic group who practice Islam. They have faced persecution because of their ethnicity and religious beliefs. Conditions in the camp are bad. Because of the large number of people, there is limited food, water, shelter, and medical care.

Law Eh fell off a truck while it was moving and broke his leg. Because refugees are not allowed to receive treatment from the local government hospital even though they are Burmese citizens, Law Eh could not get medical help. Besides this, Law Eh is a part of the Rohingya people who are constantly living under the threat of violence. It would be very dangerous for him to leave the confines of the camp. As a result, Law Eh suffered in severe pain for two weeks with an untreated broken leg until he could be seen at a clinic set up and sponsored by Covenant World Relief.

Sadly, stories like Law Eh’s are all too common. Without the clinic sponsored by Covenant World Relief and other ministries like it, the sick and injured would not receive care.


Share what you think life is like for Law Eh. Talk about what it is like to be hated just because you are part of a particular group of people. Reflect on how this compares with the fact that God made all of us and loves all of us. Find Burma on a map.


We can pray for Law Eh and all the Rohingya people who are at the refugee camp. Pray for healing and for hope. Pray for others outside the camp to show kindness to the Rohingya people. Your offering will provide for a medical clinic so that children like Law Eh can receive medical care.


Weekly, we will be posting the materials from the Kids Helping Kids: Refugee curriculum for your ease on our blog. You can access this project and learn more here. On our website you will find helpful resources for these stories including a powerpoint, prayer cards, and maps. Give to this project here.

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