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Soman Naik’s Story: An Indian Refugee

Post a Comment » Written on December 5th, 2014     
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Week 4 Soman NaikFACT:

In India some tribal people were relocated forcibly because of religious persecution. These people are mistreated because they are different. Those with disabilities face an even greater challenge when they are displaced.


Soman Naik is a five-year-old boy. …

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Devastating Floods in Kashmir, India

Post a Comment » Written on September 15th, 2014     
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Covenant World Relief is partnering with Hindustani Covenant Church (HCC) during the disastrous rain and flooding that has killed nearly 500 people in India and Pakistan.  Steven David, the moderator (president) of HCC, has asked that people pray for the …

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Bringing Transformation in Bihar

Post a Comment » Written on August 25th, 2014     
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Bihar womenCovenant Social Services, working in the Bihar region of India, is seeking to be part of long lasting development in multiple aspects of the local communities. This is done through a variety of ways such as providing micro-loans, education, …

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Weddings for Social Change

Post a Comment » Written on August 11th, 2014     
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truthseekers weddingCovenant World Relief partners with Truthseekers  International to bring reconciliation and transformation to an oppressive system. The caste system of India has been used to oppress and manipulate great multitudes of the Indian population. Recently the Truthseekers mission has sought …

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Escape for Freedom in India

Post a Comment » Written on August 4th, 2014     
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CSW PuneM comes from a small village in Karnataka, India.  Her family believed in Devdasi tradition (these days it is considered as temple prostitution and prohibited by law).  Her parents were so poor that they worked as labourers.  But both of …

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