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Truthseekers: The Truth that sets us free

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A longtime partner with CWR is Truthseekers in India. Truthseekers is working with reconciliation between the castes in India. Truthseekers sees casteism as the defining, systemic sin of India.  It dominates the lives of all Indians.  It keeps the nation’s majority population of about 850 million low-caste, untouchable and tribal peoples under the rule and control of the minority upper castes.

India (152)Truthseekers has been working for years to combat the caste system.  One of their main strategies is to hold a series of conferences about the caste system and reconciliation. These conferences bring together people from all different castes (upper, lower, untouchables) to talk about casteism and how the injustices of the system are effecting the people of India. In addition, the conferences work on reconciliation between the castes. A lot of the reconciliation comes from symbolic acts of people from different castes sitting down and eating a meal together and washing each other’s feet. Continue Reading »

Jyoti’s Story

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An update from our partner in India, the Hindustani Covenant Church:



Radha’s Daughter Savita had been rescued from red light area in Pune through CSS few months ago. While talking with Radha, CSS staff realized that she had another daughter, Jyoti. Radha revealed that she had promised a brothel owner named Mala Bai that she would handover Jyoti when she became a teenager. Radha felt helpless even though she wanted to break the deal she had made with Malabai. In November 2013, Jyoti became ten years old.  She was unaware of the future deal that had been made. She helped by cleaning beds and handing out condoms to customers because she was too young to work.

CSS staff tried to convince Mala bai to release Jyoti, but with no avail.  Mala Bai had already promised Jyoti to a customer when she was of age. CSS approached another organization and the local police for support to rescue her.  Mala Bai was alarmed and hid Jyoti where no one could find her.

A week later, while working on a gas pipe, a LPG gas employee heard someone crying. He began to look around and found a little girl in a dark room with food spilled all around her. He told the police and upon further inquiry with CSS it was discovered that the girl in the darkroom was Jyoti. The next day police raided the building and found Jyoti in semi-conscious state with food in her mouth, burn marks on her body, and toilet odor around. Mala Bai had to explain the plight of the girl to the police. CSS staff rescued Jyoti from the clutches of Mala Bai.

She stayed at the Home of Hope for a while but CSS later helped her find a hostel to stay in while she continued her studies. Today, Jyoti is studying in 7th standard. During vacations, Radha and her daughters Savita and Jyoti spend time at the Home of Hope.  This release has brought joy and hope into the life of Jyoti. Jyoti’s name means light.  So, we pray that the light she has now received continues to stay with her in the days to come.  We also pray that she may become a light for her family, friends and community.

Pray for Covenant Social Services and those around the world who are working to provide resources and hope to those in their community.

Stories of Transformation from India

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Soman Naik

Soman Naik

Covenant Social Services (CSS) in India, a ministry of the Hindustani covenant Church, provides many different services to communities. They offer services to families through educational programs. They have made it possible for children, like Soman Naik, to attend a primary school close to his home. His family views this as a family achievement and thanks CSS for their continuous encouragement and desire to help their family. Some children find that they must leave their formal education to help support their families, but CSS has been able to provide an informal education center for these students. 54 Children in 2 villages have been a part of this informal education program that allows them to continue with their education outside of the formal education system. Not only are these children able to continue their education, they are also provided with nutritional meals during the week.

In other cases, they work with clients who are dealing with extreme loss and are in need of government assistance and don’t know how to get it. One client has shared her story with CWR about the loss of her husband:

Chandrakala Devi

Chandrakala Devi

My name is Chandrakala Devi. Late Nageshwar Majhi was my husband. I live in Janakinagar of Sitamarhi district. I am a widow from a low caste community.  Poverty is a curse for me. I take care of 5 small children with the income from my daily wage labour.  My husband died suddenly leaving me to try and support our 5 children. I tried hard to receive Rs. 20,000/- from Government of Bihar as a benefit to the family at the death of the family head.  But dozen of visits to the government office did not help me in any manner.  It made me tired, discouraged and disappointed. 

At last my persistent prayers helped me to meet Mr. Jitendra, a staff of CSS at Sitamrhi.  He gave me consolation and encouragement and gave me some essential information concerning government procedures. Frequent visitation to the concerned government department at the expense of the organization for almost 15 days yielded result. And I was able to receive the amount as a support benefit at the death of my husband.  I express thankfulness on behalf of my family to all those who are related with CSS and CWR.    

CSS continues to make a difference in the lives of many individuals and families in India.

India Drought Relief Update

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MAHARASHTRA (5)About 11,108 villages of 34 districts in Maharashtra, India were hit by severe drought during 2013.  There were shortages of water, not only for drinking, but also for watering crops. Farmers were helpless and people didn’t know where to go for help and many left the area in search of work and food. As tankers were made available and hand pumps were repaired, water was more accessible but villagers knew that more needed to be done. People are now thinking about adopting an alternative cropping pattern. They are considering adopting sustainable crops instead of cash crops. For example, mango trees need sufficient care and nurture in the beginning stages, but once they are grown they can survive even when there is an obvious scarcity of water.

This drought has left many in need of immediate relief. Here is one story of survival:

My name is Sunil Gangaram Landge. MAHARASHTRA (3) I am 39 years old.  We have 2 sons and a daughter.  Continue Reading »

Drought Relief in India

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India HCC Drought Relief Draft

CWR continues to receive updates from partners on the drought in Makarashtra, India:

The current drought in Maharashtra seems to have broken all previous records, with millions of human beings and livestock suffering hunger in absence of food and fodder.

  • Almost five million people have no work as the crops failed.
  • Millions of people from mainly farming communities across 12,000 villages of 15 districts are facing severe shortages of drinking water, and are unable to grow crops and provide fodder for their livestock. 
  • Hunger is likely to become a critical issue in the coming weeks as farmers have no income and their backup resources are now depleting. 
  • People will have no way to feed their families soon. 
  • Drinking water is a serious problem as the normal supply systems have failed.

The Hindustani Covenant Church and Covenant Social Services are doing their best to provide relief support to human beings, animals and birds. Six drought-hit villages have been reached by HCC/CSS. Relief response is being carried out by HCC/CSS with the support of Covenant World Relief and other partners. The relief work includes: repair of hand pumps, distributions of water pouches, medical support to vulnerable groups, grain and water for birds, water for animals through tankers, and plastic baskets for fodder for animals.

Give today to CWR and support emergency disaster response like we are doing now in India.