Water for Life in Kenya

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Imagine what you can do when you no longer have to worry about where your water comes from? Hopefully that will be the next thought for many in Kitengela, Kenya. Safe drinking water is a rare commodity in Kenya. It goes to those who can afford to pay for it which means the poor cannot afford access to clean water which leads to many diseases. The Kitengela Covenant Church, in partnership with Maple Grove Covenant Church and CWR, is working to provide water filters to the community for an affordable price. It is a proactive approach rather than a reactive response to water borne diseases and infections. In building a healthy and self-sustaining society, this community can ensure that they spend more of their time, energy and resources in economic income generating activities rather than spending time seeking treatment for otherwise preventable diseases. This water project is addressing a root cause of poverty. When you have to ability to access clean, safe water you are protecting yourself from diseases and therefore you are able to work and continue to sustain your family.

Join with the ECCK, Maple Grove and CWR in partnering in this water project today.

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