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Finding an Advantage in Haiti

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HaitiMedical Teams International (MTI) seeks to provide health care and medical attention to the world’s most marginalized while also proclaiming the good news of the Gospel. Involved in countries around the world at different times, a consistent focus has been the island country of Haiti. Since a 7.0 earthquake that rocked the country in 2010, Haiti has continued in a downward spiral with much of its population not receiving the medical attention they so desperately need. CWR has the privilege to partner alongside MTI in their Haiti Advantage Prosthetics Program which provides the needed equipment, therapy, and support to the 6,000-8,000 people who are estimated to have lost limbs as a result of the 2010 earthquake. One remarkable story is that of Rennesse, a 20 year old man who became paralyzed in his legs 8 years ago due to fever and disease. After finding MTI’s program, Rennesse was able to get the help he needed and can now live a more independent life. Rennesse is grateful to MTI and Covenant World Relief and is now able to attend college as a result of the program.

Relief and a Future in South Sudan

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South SudanPartnering with the Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan, Covenant World Relief is bringing relief to hundreds, if not thousands of children who have become orphaned due to the violence in South Sudan. It is the mission of CWR to bring aid and relief to the most vulnerable and in this case that means the orphaned children of South Sudan, many of whom are infected with HIV or other diseases and suffering because of the lack of infrastructure. Providing necessities such as medicine, food, and shelter is only a part of the work. The Vulnerable Orphaned Children project also aims to provide an education for these refugee and internally displaced children. Paying for their education means so much more, because it gives them a message of hope. Providing the basic necessities is important but paying for them to go to school says: “you have a future, you can be something, we are invested in who you are going to be.” This message of hope affirms these children and shows the true love of the Gospel. This love not only reaches out to present physical needs but also speaks to emotional needs. The gospel is about bringing true hope, not just survival, to all people.

Bringing Relief in the Central African Republic

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We just received an update from Roy and Aleta Danforth, Covenant Missionaries in the Central African Republic, on our project providing disaster relief there.

5 Seeds for the planters 1As rebel groups and Central African Republic national government authorities unsuccessfully try to work out their power struggle the local people that have been the victims in this whole crisis continue to suffer. Across the border in Cameroon, thousands of Fulani and Muslim refugees continue to live in camps, where sickness, malnutrition, and hunger plague the people, despite the efforts of the UNHCR and other relief groups. In addition, Gbaya people from our northern area also had to flee from Islamic extremists that burned their villages and killed many families. The result of all this bloodshed and destruction has been intense hatred between certain Muslims and non-Muslims. Finally, the international community has sent MISCA (international security) troops to guard the major cities against any more violence, and this has helped some. Our town of Gamboula is now under the protective care of 70 of these troops and we have a tenuous peace as we have had since the beginning of this conflict, but the hatred and fear of “the enemy” is still grounded in many people’s hearts.  Continue Reading »

Best Preparation for a Disaster

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Fulani_CAR_refugeeOftentimes after a disaster, we hear there should be a progression from immediate relief to recovery to long-term community development. What about before a disaster happens? What is the best way for churches and Christian organizations to prepare for a disaster? The answer is simple—engage in the community. By doing this, churches and Christian organizations build relationship and networks with the community, the leaders, and other organizations. CWR is grateful to be in partnership with many local Christian organizations around the world, which are actively engaged in their communities through transformational community development. When a major disaster occurs, CWR is able to respond immediately through these partners because they already have established networks and relationships.

The Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan (ECCSS) is one of these partners. Since the fighting broke out in December, South Sudan has faced a human-caused disaster that has created a crisis of tremendous magnitude. Thousands of Sudanese have lost their lives. More than one million are living in camps as internally displaced people (IDP). More than 300,000 have fled to surrounding countries. Currently four million are at risk of food insecurity. Because of their experience, expertise, and previous engagement with communities, the ECCSS is currently providing relief for refugees in South Sudan and Ethiopia.

In the Central African Republic, CWR’s partner CEFA (Centre d’Expérimentation et de Formation Agricole) has been engaged with communities through agricultural development for many years. Because of this they are able to respond to the current crisis that has resulted in many deaths and IDPs. CEFA is currently preparing a plan for long-term recovery through immediate relief and agricultural development.

CWR is grateful to be able to stand with these local organizations as they care for those most affected by the violence in these two countries. Give now to our relief efforts at CovChurch.org/cwr.

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Rebuilding Homes and Lives in the Philippines

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The lives of millions of people in the Philippines changed dramatically when typhoon Haiyan plowed through towns and cities. Many people are still displaced and trying to rebuild their lives. CWR has partnered with World Relief and the Philippines Relief and Development Services (PHILRADS) to address many of the most immediate needs, but the road to recovery is long. Through the support of CWR, World Relief, and PHILRADS 384 families in the Eastern and Western Samar regions have received shelter repair kits that provide necessary materials to rebuild and repair those homes that sustained the most damage.

Join in prayer as many are still not able to return to their homes, and as the rebuilding of communities is underway.