Relief for Refugees in Lebanon

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The Heart for Lebanon (CWR partner through Medical Teams International) has been strategically placed in three regions within Lebanon; Beirut, the Bekaa Valley, and in southern Lebanon.  This allows them unique perspectives on ministry opportunities within the areas, and an ability to respond quickly to crisis.  The division in the country, along with the risk and difficulty of travel, has made providing adequate aid for the refugees difficult and limited.  Though, because of the placement of the Heart for Lebanon teams, they have been able to stay properly equipped to support new arrivals and continue to aid those they have committed to.  Not only have they been able to provide basic human necessities, the Heart for Lebanon teams have been able to provide emotional and spiritual care for the families as well.  235 new Christian Iraqi families have been added to various ministries within the Beirut community, new bible studies are forming, and the Non-Formal Education program in Beirut has doubled in student enrollment.  The same is being experienced in both the Bekaa Valley and the southern Lebanon region. 

The gifts and generosity of the supporters of Hearts for Lebanon have greatly helped them be able to invest the needed resources and raise capable teams to respond to the humanitarian crises in their country.  These teams realize, despite the long and difficult path of war, that we serve a compassionate, awesome God who has a much larger plan for their country.  Through this, they are able to love on and serve those who have been greatly affected by the regional wars and terrorist attacks, not only in their own country, but in the countries of Syria and Iraq as well.

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