Former Sex Workers Help Liberate Others

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The Hindustani Covenant Church (HCC) has been ministering to vulnerable women in the red light area for over a decade. Since 2006 more than 63 girls have escaped from the sex trade with the help of HCC and Covenant Social Services (CSS) leaders. Some of these young women have been in the sex industry for over five years. During their interaction with HCC/CSS, many women are motivated to change their life situation and as a result leave the sex industry. Each one has her own life story.

Here is the story of Bashira.

When Bashira was 14 years old her cousin sold her in the sex market. He took her to the Pune city, telling her that her own brother was sick and wanted to see her. Bashira waited in the city for two days with her cousin. During this time he kept her in a small house and secretly contacted brothel owners. Every morning Bashira waited eagerly to see her brother. But that did not happen. Her cousin took her to the sex market and handed her over to a brothel mediator. Bashira started asking for her brother but there was no reply. Finally she came to know the truth of what had happened with her life. Her cousin had sold her into the sex market forever. That night the brothel owner sent a customer to her and she was forcefully dragged into the business.

In month of December Bashira came in contact with HCC/CSS staff member Mrs Gangubai. Mrs Ganguabi, who had broken free of the sex trade herself, was able to help Bashira come out from the sex industry. Two months after meeting with Mrs Gangubai, Bashira moved into the Home of Hope. The Hindustani Covenant Church is supporting her to stand on her feet and live with dignity.

There are many challenges in this area of ministry, but we are thankful for God’s faithfulness and His mercy which renew our strength every day.

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