A Possible Next Step?

5 comments Written on September 9th, 2011     
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Today’s post was written by Geoff Twigg, a pastor, singer/songwriter, worship leader and ministry consultant in Bedford, New Hampshire. Geoff serves the ECC as a member of the denomination’s Commission on Worship.

This blog entry should have a preface: …

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Postures of Confession

Post a Comment » Written on August 26th, 2011     
Filed under: Arts, Formation

Today’s post is written by Chris Logan, Worship Pastor at Community Covenant Church in Lenexa, KS.

Did you know that your posture changes the way you think?

It’s true that your body shows the rest of us what’s really going …

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Don’t Ignore Your Core

5 comments Written on July 29th, 2011     
Filed under: Core Values, Formation, Leadership, Prayer, Scripture, Vocation and Call

Today’s guest post comes to us from Doreen Olson, Executive Minister of the Department of Christian Formation.

If you’re following the trends in exercise and fitness, you’ve probably heard the phrase “core strength.” It refers to the muscles of …

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This week on the ECC Worship forum we welcomed several new members, discussed practicalities such as presentation software (Pro Presenter was the overwhelming consensus), and even discussed (at some length) the complexities of music and its relationship to taste; much …

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Covenant Songwriting Featured at Midwinter 2010

Thanks to the many excellent submission by Covenant songwriters, the Event Song Review Panel had a very hard time choosing one song to highlight at Midwinter 2010. In the end, two were choose. “Bring Life” by Andy Cater and Steve

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Singing and Praying Justice

A powerful reminder that the words we sing matter. As worship leaders we can either promote justice and a multidimensional view of God or myopic materialism – or often something somewhere in between. So much of it is in the …

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Finding our Voice in Worship

3 comments Written on June 30th, 2009     
Filed under: Formation, Liturgy, Local Church, Music, Resources for Worship, Songwriting

Thanks for the replies regarding songs that reflect our Covenant identity and values. It seems this theme is striking a “chord” in the Covenant community. It is my hope that forums like this will be one small part of helping …

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Remembering Who Our Friends Are (Unsung Song Themes)

Here’s a harder one. But it’s a question that’s been haunting me:

What are some of the important, but relatively distinctive, theological ideas that form the core of who we are as a Covenant church? And how, if at all,

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Psalm 23 (part 2)

1 Comment » Written on May 7th, 2009     
Filed under: Church Year, Formation, The Psalms

James Limburg has a wonderful commentary on the Psalms. The following reflections about the original Hebrew text come from Limburg’s comments.

At the center of Psalm 23 is a most encouraging phrase: for you are with me. Limburg notes …

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Psalm 23 (part 1)

2 comments Written on April 27th, 2009     
Filed under: Church Year, Formation, Scripture, The Psalms

I notice Psalm 23 is the lectionary text for Sunday, May 3. For whatever reason, I’ve come closer to this Psalm in the past year. I’ve been speaking it and praying it almost daily, and I’ve come to experience the …

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