Finding our Voice in Worship

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Thanks for the replies regarding songs that reflect our Covenant identity and values. It seems this theme is striking a “chord” in the Covenant community. It is my hope that forums like this will be one small part of helping to further develop a corporate culture where Covenant identity is increasingly being sung as part of the worship life of our local churches.

One way I think we could celebrate our Covenant identity in worship is by having indigenous songs (songs written within the Covenant church) being submitted for consideration by local church as potential “theme songs” for our larger denomination-wide events.  While there would no doubt be some sort of selection process involved, (perhaps involving the Worship Commission) it would allow at least one new “Covenant” song to come to the forefront at each major Denominational event. Participants would leave knowing the song, and possibly eager to share it in their home churches.

What do you think? What are the greatest challenges you think an idea like this would face? Would you be interested in sharing more Covenant-culture affirming music with your congregations? (Assuming the song quality is high.)

Rooting for you,


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3 comments “Finding our Voice in Worship”

Andrew, I agree that there is a need for new “Covenant” songs. It used to be the job of the hymnal to compile these songs, but it seems unlikely another one will be made. Perhaps a new “online” hymnal or something could spur interest?

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Andrew, My worship leader penned a great song several years ago. It is titled “The Light has Come”. I think he used John 1:1-14 as the scripture base. We sing it a few times a year. It is one of those songs that fits multiple seasons of the church year. I would encourage him to submit it if something comes of your plan. Dan

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I’ll toss in a late thought here. I love the idea, very much.

The biggest challenge I think will be the legal stuff. Let’s face it, copyrighting is getting very complicated unless you are talking about little to no compensation to the songwriter. I’m a starving artist, so I understand the conflict between my hearts desire to share what God has blessed me with and my need to feed the kids.

It would be awesome to have a resource of quality songs that I did not have to sell my first born child to get. Does anyone else out there find the commercialization of Christian Worship a little odd? Someone is making a lot of money so that my tiny church (and many others like us) can have quality worship music. It seems as though there could be a better balance between a musician making an honest living and yet still writing skillfully and Spirit led.

I’d love to participate if this idea takes form. Please keep me on your list of people to contact.

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