Covenant Songwriting Featured at Midwinter 2010

Thanks to the many excellent submission by Covenant songwriters, the Event Song Review Panel had a very hard time choosing one song to highlight at Midwinter 2010. In the end, two were choose. “Bring Life” by Andy Cater and Steve Hindalong and “God Loved the World” by Jennifer Shaw, Paul Marino and Jeremy Johnson.

Midwinter 2010 participants will receive a CD of these songs to take back to their churches and Andy’s song “Bring Life” will be featured at the Wednesday morning worship service.

Andy Cater is the Worship Leader and Music Director at Redwood Covenant Church in Santa Rosa CA. Jennifer Shaw is the Music Director at Faith Covenant Church in Westerville OH.

Please visit the provided songwriter’s website links for more songs, and to download charts for your own use.

All songs submitted for this process will be retained for consideration for use later denomination-wide Covenant events. These particular songs were chosen in part, because they fit the theme of this year’s focus “The Necessity of the New Birth” so well. As other Covenant affirmations are highlighted in upcoming years, other quality songs will be chosen to best highlight the theme.

Thanks to all who participated in this pilot project. We hope this is the first step towards an increasing awareness of the many quality songs being written across the Covenant church. May God receive all the glory!

Rooting for you,


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