Remembering Who Our Friends Are (Unsung Song Themes)

Here’s a harder one. But it’s a question that’s been haunting me:

What are some of the important, but relatively distinctive, theological ideas that form the core of who we are as a Covenant church? And how, if at all, are those ideas expressed in song?

I’m not talking about the “we love God” stuff that ever Christian church wholeheartedly affirms – though I know we would affirm that too. Rather, what are the things that together make us distinctly “Covenant?” And are these ideas that express our character, flavor and approach ideas that we ever sing about? Are there songs that, even in part, express these ideas?

Let’s make a list. I’ll start with what I’ve got. You add your ideas to it.

Two rules:
1) Any song you list must be a song your church has actually sung within the last year. Don’t just raid the hymnal index.
2) If you feel you must disagree with someone’s post….please say so nicely.

The Idea:                                 A Song The Expresses That Idea:

Holistic Mission       –     We Are One in the Spirit, Let You Glory Fall, Christ Our Hope Is Here, Lord Give Us Eyes

Priesthood of all Believers    – ??…I’m drawing blanks…ideas??

Freedom in Christ    –     ??? Please, there’s got to be a song… right????

Evangelical but not exclusive      –

Biblical but not doctrinaire – “Ancient Words”

Congregational but not Independent –

Traditional but not Rigid –

I’m surprised by how hard this list is to fill.  Where are the songs that reflect our values? I’ll keep working on my list and developing this idea over the next few weeks. Will you help?

Rooting for you,
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5 comments “Remembering Who Our Friends Are (Unsung Song Themes)”

I’m preaching through the Covenant Affirmations this summer. Last week (and this coming week) was the centrality of the scripture. We introduced “Ancient Words,” as performed by Michael W. Smith on one of his worship albums. Also, for ‘holistic mission’ we often do “Let Your Glory Fall,” and there’s this great song written by this Covenant pastor in Wenatchee called “Lord, Give Us Eyes” that fits, speaking of the work God is doing in the world.

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Good additions Dan! Thanks for the plug too!

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Andrew – oddly enough I came to the same conclusion for this as a ‘next step’ for us in songwriting. Must be the Spirit at work! As I’m here in Portland, a serious consideratio of the songlist will have to wait a few days.
So, where do i get “Lord, give us eyes” and your other songs?

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Here’s the page on our church site where the sheet music is available. Song samples are available on the album page.

Thanks for asking!


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Priesthood of all believers:

We used Wayne Watson’s “People of God” from way back in the ’80s. Good stuff!

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