Gatwech and Nyayual’s Story: South Sudanese Refugees in Ethiopia

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Week 5 Gatwech and NyayualFACT:

Tierkitde, a camp in Ethiopia, hosts more than 37,000 South Sudanese refugees who came from the Upper Nile and Jonglei states of South Sudan. These refugees are mainly from the Nuer, Dinka, Shiluk, and Murlee tribes. The fighting has injured many of the refugees. They all lack basic needs.


Exploding bombs from the war in South Sudan left three-year-old Gatwech, his five-year-old sister Nyayual, and their mother, Mary, seriously injured. Everyone else in their family was killed.

United Nations workers took Gatwech, Nyayual, and their mother to a UN Mission hospital where they were treated for their injuries. Gatwech lost his ear and can only see out of one eye. Nyayual is still in shock and is deaf because the explosions destroyed her eardrums. After partially recovering from their injuries they had no home to go back to and decided to travel to Ethiopia. Mary, Gatwech, and Nyayual walked for two weeks until they arrived at the Ethiopian refugee camp, Tierkitde.

They were given food rations and are grateful to be in a safe place, but it’s hard to be away from home. They are sad and miss family members who died. They still do not have many things like a health clinic to continue their treatments, proper shelter, or counseling services.

Covenant World Relief is working with the Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan to bring these needed supplies and services to Tierkitde.


What are you concerned about after listening to this story? How is Gatwech and Nyayual’s life the same or different from yours? Look at a map and find South Sudan and Ethiopia.


Pray for Gatwech, Nyayual, and Mary and for those working at the Tierkitde refugee camp. Your Kids Helping Kids offering will help bring needed supplies and help Gatwech, Nyayual, and the other children who are there.


Weekly, we will be posting the materials from the Kids Helping Kids: Refugee curriculum for your ease on our blog. You can access this project and learn more here. On our website you will find helpful resources for these stories including a powerpoint, prayer cards, and maps. Give to this project here.

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