From Death to New Life

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WirotWirote’s mother had begun preparing for his death, which seemed imminent. His funeral photograph had been taken and framed. Wirote was succumbing to AIDS. But in his weakened and seemingly hopeless state, he began to receive care from the Center for HIV/AIDS Affected Communities (CHAC), and his life was transformed. With medication his strength returned. He began following Jesus.

Fast-forward several years. Wirote is now the leader of the Singha Nakon support group, one of nine such groups in southern Thailand. CWR is partnering with the Sustainable Development Research Foundation (SDRF) in developing a CHAC center in Ranote. This center will provide training and medical services as well as income generation through aquaculture. During a recent visit we joined a worship service of Wirote’s support community. After sharing, prayer, communion, and a string-tying service, fifteen people were baptized. Wirote said that there were several others that wanted to be baptized but the timing didn’t work out for them. Over the past few years there have been hundreds from the HIV/AIDS affected communities who have been baptized and are now, like Wirote, blessing the lives of others affected by HIV/AIDS

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