A change in plans in Thailand

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20130911_103157 (2)The city of Ranote in southern Thailand has experienced a season of considerable rain, flooding, and mudslides.  This city is the location of a CWR project with the Sustainable Development Research Foundation (SDRF). Thankfully, SDRF recently finished a joint project with the local government  which focused on containing flooding within the area.  The project consisted of building large earthen dikes on the main canal in which the project is located, providing extra security for the property against the flooding and erosions.  The project also renewed the relationship between the SDRF and the local government, a key goal of the foundation in every local project. 

SAM_4462editThough this project slowed the progression of the project, SDRF is now back on schedule. Your gifts to CWR have helped fund this project, in turn enabling 9 different AIDS-effected communities around south Thailand to have a central place to gather and study for their future.

Leading the SDRF team at the new center in Ranote is Sao, a new believer and a woman highly gifted by God.  Sao coordinates the work of CHAC throughout the Ranote area with Saguan, both of whom have started groups of over 50 new believers in other distracts in the area.  Together, they are touching the lives of many people who have been stigmatized and ostracized because of the HIV virus.


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