Vulnerable and Orphaned Children in South Sudan

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VOC-Phase IV Updates-3While the violence in South Sudan has been disruptive and many people are fleeing the country, the Evangelical Covenant Church of South Sudan is still working with the most vulnerable orphaned children to provide a better future for them.

Aliza Chol Yach is a 13-year-old from the Dinka tribe of South Sudan. She has lost both her mother and father. Her mother died from natural causes, but her father was killed during the civil war. Aliza and her grandmother are being taken care of by a man who was related to her mother. Although he has a job, he does not make enough money to support himself, Aliza, and her grandmother. Aliza and her grandmother have joined the South Sudan’s response to vulnerable and orphaned children. They have both accepted Jesus as their Savior, but, because they both come from strong Muslim backgrounds, this information is not widely known in their community.

Aliza is able to attend school because of the support of the VOC project. In the future she hopes to become a doctor and wants to not only work with expectant mothers, but also with the poor and hungry in her village.

Fatuma Adam, Aliza’s grandmother, says this is the first time she has seen such generous living from a group regardless of religion, tribe, gender, and age.

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