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An update from our partner in India, the Hindustani Covenant Church:



Radha’s Daughter Savita had been rescued from red light area in Pune through CSS few months ago. While talking with Radha, CSS staff realized that she had another daughter, Jyoti. Radha revealed that she had promised a brothel owner named Mala Bai that she would handover Jyoti when she became a teenager. Radha felt helpless even though she wanted to break the deal she had made with Malabai. In November 2013, Jyoti became ten years old.  She was unaware of the future deal that had been made. She helped by cleaning beds and handing out condoms to customers because she was too young to work.

CSS staff tried to convince Mala bai to release Jyoti, but with no avail.  Mala Bai had already promised Jyoti to a customer when she was of age. CSS approached another organization and the local police for support to rescue her.  Mala Bai was alarmed and hid Jyoti where no one could find her.

A week later, while working on a gas pipe, a LPG gas employee heard someone crying. He began to look around and found a little girl in a dark room with food spilled all around her. He told the police and upon further inquiry with CSS it was discovered that the girl in the darkroom was Jyoti. The next day police raided the building and found Jyoti in semi-conscious state with food in her mouth, burn marks on her body, and toilet odor around. Mala Bai had to explain the plight of the girl to the police. CSS staff rescued Jyoti from the clutches of Mala Bai.

She stayed at the Home of Hope for a while but CSS later helped her find a hostel to stay in while she continued her studies. Today, Jyoti is studying in 7th standard. During vacations, Radha and her daughters Savita and Jyoti spend time at the Home of Hope.  This release has brought joy and hope into the life of Jyoti. Jyoti’s name means light.  So, we pray that the light she has now received continues to stay with her in the days to come.  We also pray that she may become a light for her family, friends and community.

Pray for Covenant Social Services and those around the world who are working to provide resources and hope to those in their community.

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