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Soman Naik

Soman Naik

Covenant Social Services (CSS) in India, a ministry of the Hindustani covenant Church, provides many different services to communities. They offer services to families through educational programs. They have made it possible for children, like Soman Naik, to attend a primary school close to his home. His family views this as a family achievement and thanks CSS for their continuous encouragement and desire to help their family. Some children find that they must leave their formal education to help support their families, but CSS has been able to provide an informal education center for these students. 54 Children in 2 villages have been a part of this informal education program that allows them to continue with their education outside of the formal education system. Not only are these children able to continue their education, they are also provided with nutritional meals during the week.

In other cases, they work with clients who are dealing with extreme loss and are in need of government assistance and don’t know how to get it. One client has shared her story with CWR about the loss of her husband:

Chandrakala Devi

Chandrakala Devi

My name is Chandrakala Devi. Late Nageshwar Majhi was my husband. I live in Janakinagar of Sitamarhi district. I am a widow from a low caste community.  Poverty is a curse for me. I take care of 5 small children with the income from my daily wage labour.  My husband died suddenly leaving me to try and support our 5 children. I tried hard to receive Rs. 20,000/- from Government of Bihar as a benefit to the family at the death of the family head.  But dozen of visits to the government office did not help me in any manner.  It made me tired, discouraged and disappointed. 

At last my persistent prayers helped me to meet Mr. Jitendra, a staff of CSS at Sitamrhi.  He gave me consolation and encouragement and gave me some essential information concerning government procedures. Frequent visitation to the concerned government department at the expense of the organization for almost 15 days yielded result. And I was able to receive the amount as a support benefit at the death of my husband.  I express thankfulness on behalf of my family to all those who are related with CSS and CWR.    

CSS continues to make a difference in the lives of many individuals and families in India.

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