Stories of Peace-Makers in Mexico pt. 1

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The Mexico Family Development Foundation (FDF) has been working tirelessly over the years to create lasting relationships with those families and individuals who have been most affected by the violence and poverty of Monterrey, Mexico. Here is a part of their story:

P1170908Hi, my name is Erick. I’m 16 years old and I live in Monterrey, N.L in a neighborhood call Revolución Proletaria. Coming to FDF gave me a whole new point of view. Since I was very little I’d like to make my Mom proud. Living and Growing up without a Father was hard but my mom was always there to remind me the real value of things. My grandparents were the ones who raised me and my siblings, because my mom was working. When I started to study, my mom teaches me how to dream and to be honest, I was losing practice on that, I was forgetting how to dream. But then FDF appeared and they helped me to keep dreaming because they now that I can get what I dream as long as I never give up. The people at FDF it’s been like a second family to me. I feel like in FDF I have friends and siblings and that I can also trust them. They’re the most nice people that I’ve ever met in my life and thanks to them I got a scholarship for my school and I’m beyond thankful. I study English there and they also offered me a job so I’m working there. I see myself with good friends and a great future but only if God want it that way.

Erik is now a volunteer for different programs at FDF and continues to attend English classes and the group for young people.

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