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Around the world, there are people who wake up every morning and spend hours traveling from a water source back to their homes, carrying with them enough water for just that one day. They get up the next morning and continue with the same routine. Even more spend much of their day doing the walk for water and must walk to the water source multiple times each day. This is not a reality for most of us who live in North America. We can go down the street to any fast food restaurant to quickly get food or a drink and return to our lives. In fact, some might even consider it a nuisance to our daily life to physically have to get up and prepare a meal from items purchased in a grocery store. Generally, we don’t have to ponder for very long about where our next meal will come from or how we will get it.

kenyamillIn Kandara, Kenya the Covenant Church is working to build a corn mill in the village so community members don’t have to walk as far to get food. While the main efforts of this project center on the access to food, this community is also determined to see the community impact beyond nutrition. Once the mill is up and running there is a plan to use the profits to start a youth rehabilitation and empowerment program that will work with youth who are not currently in school. The new center will provide job skills training to these youth as they seek to join the workforce.

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