Partnering with Water 1st in Honduras

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Water: It seems so basic. I don’t know how much water I go through in a day. I brush my teeth, use the toilet, take a shower, wash dishes, wash fruits to eat, fill up my water bottle, and wash my hands throughout the day–and all of that is at my convenience. I don’t have to spend much of my day walking for water, only to come back with dirty water. A phrase that continually grabs my attention with any water project is, “water is life, and sanitation is dignity,” spoken by UN Under Secretary-General Jan Eliasson in this year’s World Water Week address.

IMG_0126With this important phrase in mind, Covenant World Relief is excited about the new venture with our partner, Water 1st, in Honduras. The major undertaking of this project is to provide reliable domestic water supply to two different communities in Honduras. The two communities of San Bartolo and Capuca are joining together in an effort to connect the communities to a mountain spring through a water system. Every house and community center will join schools, clinics, and churches, in having a connection to the system. Community members will be trained on the care and maintenance of this project and continue to learn about ways to protect the health of those in the community. This project will affect over 100 households in these two communities.

The CWR partner on the ground is Water 1st who works through a local partner organization called Cocepradil. They believe that the community has the potential to accomplish things that the communities themselves may not believe at the outset. This belief in the worth and dignity of every individual, including the world’s poorest, is a real expression of God’s love for everyone.

Check out this video about the project.

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